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I didn't *think* we got fast food that often, until...

we pulled up to Wendys today and Tyler said, " Oh, Wendys."  I rolled down the window and he said "I get some chicken nuggets, please."  He was ordering.

Re: I didn't *think* we got fast food that often, until...

  • Everytime we go through the bank drive-thru Gavin says, "French fries."  :)
  • Lol! Smarty pants :)

    Charlie tries to order french fries at whatever drive thru we go to. If I tell him there are no fries he says "Oh, mommy gets coffee. Double double please!" He also does this whenever we wait in line anywhere (doctor's offices, etc.) Embarrassed

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  • lol. every time we pass McDonald's Bella says "tries tries!" 

  • When my neice was 2.. We were playing "house" or something with her.. We said something about going to the store get food.. and we asked for bagels..and she said.."Oh I'll go to Tim Horton's and get Donuts and Bagels"
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