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Any maternity resale shops?

I've looked in a few of the kid resale shops but they don't carry maternity. Since I'm probably going to end up so huge that I'll need a second, bigger, wardrobe at some point, I'd like to save where I can and thought I'd see if y'all know of anywhere to get used stuff. TIA!

Re: Any maternity resale shops?

  • I never checked into resale things, but have you tried Ross? I used to go there for a lot of my tops and lounge pants...everything there is so cheap--and usually pretty cute.

    I think I went to Marshall's too...

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  • The MOPS sale at Concordia will have a maternity section; see Erin's post below.  

    I got a lot of cheap stuff at Gap... like under $10! Check their sale racks... Ann Taylor Loft used to have a maternity section (Quarry only.) It was great and super cheap.  I got a pair of pants for $2.14! But they don't carry maternity any more :(

    Are you going to find out the sexes?  

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  • Thanks! I've already got the MOPS sale on my calendar so I'll definitely check that out. I got a few pairs of pants at destination maternity over the weekend to tide me over while I keep looking. I'm constantly checking gap, ON, and the Loft websites for sales but I've found that I really need to try things on and I hate dealing with online returns unless you can return them to a store. I've gotten a lot of shirts for really cheap but I have a harder time with the pants.


    Yes we're going to find out the sexes! Our u/s appointment is March 15 - one month! I'm so excited!

  • Kid-to-Kid resale has mat clothes and so does Green Baby.  I would totally loan you my collection if I weren't moving. 
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  • Old Navy has a good maternity section online. I bought several things for the summer months since I didn't have anything for those months last time around. It tends to run big, I actually bought a size smaller than normal to get stuff to fit and there is still room to grow. I really like their cotton sundresses!

    I know this year for the MOPS Sale there is ALOT of maternity clothes. They actually said at our last meeting that they have so many already coming in on the seller info sheets that they may have to figure out a different way to hang them (last year they only had 2 racks). 

    Kohls Maternity online has a ton and you can also return it to the store. 


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