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Final big steps

So we ordered our diapers this morning. I have been so remarkable confused on what is right to get that I have just put it off. I love all of the advice that I have gotten from the board but sometimes too much information isn't helpful.

Here is what we are getting

24 prefolds, 3 Proraps, 3 Thirsties Duo Wraps, 8 Kissaluvs 0, 6 doublers, 12 Wipes, 2 pail liners, 1 med. wet bag and 3 snappies

God I hope that will get us through the first months!

I still don't have a good handle on the baby cleaning process and I feel like an idiot for not knowing. Do you use a cleaner or just water and wipe? Do you use diaper creams? powders?  So we still have this to figure out and purchase.

At 2:30 we will be picking up our glider and I couldn't be more excited. 

And we are soon heading out to find a rug for our room, so we can move the one currently in our room to the nursery. 

I think after this weekend I will be really ready for baby!

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Re: Final big steps

  • I think your stash sounds great.  We only used prefolds and a few AIO blueberry's for the first weeks.  It took a while before he could bit into the KL0. in the first couple days we used water only to wipe Ethan.  Then I boughtthe california baby diaper spray.  No powders at all.  We use california baby diaper cream.  as far as washing the baby you'lll do a sponge bath until the cord falls off.  which hospital are you delivering?  Suburban has a bathing class and you bath the baby.  Oh the firsst bath was so stressful for me.  not too much longer
  • You're stash sounds great Meg and if you find out it's big deal, just add to your stash. You'll live and learn. As for the cleaning we used just water and her cloth wipes...however she was getting a lot of diaper rashes and DH is determined this is why. So we have been using pampers sensitive wipes for now until we figure out a solution to use with our cloth wipes that's homemade. For diaper creams we use California Baby Diaper Cream and LOVE it! It works great and is all natural and supposed to be ok for CD's. We don't use and powders at all...IMO they're not necessary. 

    YEAH for it getting closer! :) 

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  • imagejewelsonu:
    in the first couple days we used water only to wipe Ethan.

    Julie brought up a good the hospital they told us to wipe her with water only for the first few weeks. They said not even to use disposable wipes because of the solution that's on them. We used the wipes that the hospital gives you while you're there that you have to wet before using.  

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