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Failed stereopsis test - anyone?

DD had her 3 year check up yesterday and at her pedi that do at eye test at this appointment.  She passed the vision test with flying colors but failed the stereopsis part. 

We've mentioned to the pedi that we thought one of her eyes might be a little lazy and from what I'm reading about stereopsis this might be related?  It says it's not depth perception per say but how each individual eye sees an object. 

We made an appt. with a pedi eye doctor for April so I guess we'll get more answers then.  Just curious if anyone has any experience with this particular eye test. Thanks!

Re: Failed stereopsis test - anyone?

  • I am not sure what that is but our pedi referred us to an opthamologist as DD had 20/30 vision in one eye. I am skeptical there is even an issue as I almost wonder if she didn't recognize something and that's why she didn't get it right.  She is 4 so I feel it's a subjective test. We go to the dr in March.
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