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what temp for a stroller walk?

At some point I want to take DD out in the stroller, but I don't know what temp would be appropriate.  I would put the shade up over the carseat and the shade that is attached to the stroller (travel system), and toss a blanket over the top.  But I don't know how warm it should be, so that it is safe for DD to be outside even covered up.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  (I know it might be a while.. I'm also thinking ahead to what kind of double stroller to buy for the spring).

Re: what temp for a stroller walk?

  • daycare took ethan for a walk yesterday.  He loves being outside
  • I take the kids out when it is over 30 and very sunny!  I have been putting Bri in her carseat then putting that in our wagon and letting Ty sit in the wagon, or push/pull it.  When it is really sunny it always feels warmer than the thermometer says it is in the afternoon.  The fresh air and sunshine is good for bth them and you.
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  • I would think above freezing with no wind would be your best bet. Rule of thumb is usually one layer more than what will keep you comfortable, so a blanket over her snowsuit/coat would be sufficient.
  • Just make sure she is nice and bundled.. you have the bundle me right? So use that, and make sure she is dressed warm and a hat and then use a blanket and a shade to block any wind..

    Eve actually LOVES the cold. She laughs when cold wind hits her face.
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