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Getting maternity coverage when already pregnant

Hi everyone, 

 I just found out that I am pregnant and my insurance does not cover maternity. 

 If I add my husband to my policy, i would be able to add a maternity writer that would cover up to $3,000 for child birth... is that even a good deal? my payment would increase by $180 a month as well which is not nothing. 

 Does anybody have advise on what i should/ can do?

Do you know if I can find a new insurance that would cover me even though i am already pregnant?

 I sent an application to Kaiser today but did not say that i was pregnant (i haven't seen an obgyn yet but i took 2 pregnancy tests and breasts are speaking quite loudly... it hurts like crazy!)... if they do accept to cover me, i'm scared that they'll cancel my policy after they find out that i'm pregnant. i m going to see a doctor this thursday, should i let Kaiser know of my pregnancy if the doctor confirms it?

 i m sorry my post is a little messy. i m not from the US originally and am having a real hard time figuring out this insurance stuff...

 Please let me know if you have any insight on the subject! thank you all!!!  


Re: Getting maternity coverage when already pregnant

  • Congratulations! 

    You can always get coverage through your pregnancy through medical.  As a bonus, you can deliver with the midwives at UCLA Westwood WHICH IS AWESOME.  I'm a doula, and LOVE the births that I get to attend with them.  Really, you get great quality of care.


    Good luck!

  • I'm in the same situation, I applied for maternity coverage and got approved, but it was 200/mo (which was waaay to much for me). So I'm applying for Medi-Cal which does cover 100% for pregnant moms, and it's free. So worth it! Finding doctors is hard, I had to go to the hospital website I chose and look for doctors that accept medicaid, they generally (I have found) accept medi-cal also if they accept medicaid. It's definitely more of a PITA finding a doc but worth it just for the fact that everything is free.

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