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Pediatric dentist needed...

DD had her 1yr appt today. Pedi said needs to see dentist by age 2. Any recommendations?

Re: Pediatric dentist needed...

  • How funny... some friends and I were just having this conversation.  I was told that before the age of three is kinda pointless... the dentist will just attempt to count teeth... can't really clean unless the child is very willing, which I know mine would not be. 

    Unless, of course, there might be issues (plaque build-up, bad breath....) So i think we're going to wait until she's three.

    So no recs, sorry! 

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  • My uncle is a Pediatric Dentist and he's really good. Ben Taylor off of Poss Rd and Bandera. Phone is 680-7841. Not sure if he's taking new patients, but it's worth a try. :)
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