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Postpartum Depression

How do you know if you're headed to PPD?

I had my baby a week ago today and leaving the hospital was an emotional experience. Since then I find myself crying a lot daily and I'm just not myself. At my mother baby wellness visit earlier this week I broke down so the nurse put in a referral to the hospital's PPD social worker and now I'm just waiting her call. At what point does this no longer become the baby blues and become more serious?

Re: How do you know if you're headed to PPD?

  • For me, I was getting worse as the days went on (I had severe PPA) - baby blues should gradually get better as the days go by. It doesn't hurt to talk to the social worker - s/he will be able to help you sort things out.


  • I knew it was bad because every day was continually worse. By the time I was brought in to the doctor by DH, I was barely getting out of bed and kept crying that I had made a mistake and didn't want to live. It was the worst feeling ever. I never wanted to hurt DD or anything, but I did have horrible regretful feelings about having a baby. Very rough time. Once on Lexapro (20mg/day), it very gradually got better but I didn't feel anything close to normal for about three weeks.

    I agree that you may feel better to talk to someone along with meds if you are interested. I did not talk to anyone because I was so embarrassed and in hindsight, I think that was a mistake. 


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  • Your not alone...I find myself crying everyday too and if someone asks how I'm doing I breakdown.  I had my baby almost 2 weeks ago and I'm going through the same thing. I dread the nights because that's when I am up with her the most. I love my new baby sooo much but I am having some emotional issues...don't know if it's just the hormones or what. It's gotten so bad that I barely eat at all....I have totally lost all my baby weight and then 10 lbs on top of it...normally that would be a good thing but it's a definte sign something is wrong with me because for me that is totally not normal.

    Hopefully things will get better for us.

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