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Pediatrician in Jax?

I am also fairly new in Jax area also. We moved from NYC in July. I am now 22 weeks and been looking for good pediatrician. Any recommendation? We have a pretty good insurance, UHC. I live in San Marco area and my OBGYN is at Baptist Downtown. I don't mind to go a bit far from my home for a good doctor. Thanks.

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  • Our pediatrician is in between practices at the moment, but the practice she was with is Dr. Mary's Place.  They have an office off of Atlantic near downtown and another in Ponte Vedra.  The main doctor is Mary Soha.  We've been pleased, but plan to move to wherever our favorite doctor goes, when she figures it out :)
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  • We also use Dr. Mary's place and love it. I would highly recommed it for the smaller office feel and one of the Dr.'s isn't there (she is awesome) at the moment but even the others at the practice are definetely worth it. I went and met Dr. Mary while I was pregnant and we talked for over an hour. I found her through my OB practice- every Dr. at the practice takes their children there.
  • Hi Komie,

     I moved to jacksonville from NYC in 2007. Huge adjustment, but its home for now. I know of a GREAT pediatrician but I'm not sure how far your willing to travel. His name is Dr. Pena-Arient (All the kids call him Dr. P) and he has his own office called Northeast Florida Pediatrics. He has two offices one near Atlanic Beach and the other in Arlington. I used to work for him when I graduated from nursing school and I loved his interaction with the kids and parents, he is very thorough too. Although I don't work for him anymore all four of my kids are currently seeing him. My oldest daughter is going to be 13 this year and she told me she is uncomfortable with him doing her check ups. I was very disappointed, but she's at that age. his wife is a peditrician too, so she see his wife at the beaches office and my boys still see him at the Arlington office. He works both offices so its just a matter of finding out which days he's at what office. His number is 904-727-5160. I hope this was helpful info. GOOD LUCK!


  • Thanks so much for the info. I will definitely check him out.
  • Thanks for the info. I will check them out.
  • We use Dr Victoria Mosteller at Julington Creek Pediatrics. She is the only dr there, but they are very good and very professional! We've been going for 3 yrs now. No complaints:-) She treats you like a member of her family. 904-230- KIDS
  • I've lived in Jacksonville for my entire life. My husband and I are expecting our first in August and we'll be using the peditrician I went to as a kid. :)

    Dr. Altomare is with Baptist Primary Care in Regency less than a mile away from Regency mall. I remember what it was like being a kid and going to the doctors. He treated my entire family with respect and cared for us like we were his own. Dr. Altomare is also awesome with names! He sees me around now even (I work at Baptist Hospital and occasionally see him making rounds.) and he calls me by name, stops and asks about the family.

    When my brother was diagnosed with ADHD in 1992, it was still a relatively new disorder and not much was known about it. He took my mom by the hand, laid out all of the options we had, and they really worked as a team to get the best results. There was no medication involved unless my mother and the psychologist thought it was necessary. Dr. Altomare made himself involved and really took his time with us. Even as a young woman growing, I never felt uncomfortable with him doing my physicals. He was very patient and explained everything in terms a child would be able to understand.

    Regency Square
    9090 Regency Square Boulevard North
    Jacksonville, FL 32211
    904.855.1335 Pediatrics

    If anything, here's a list of the offices Baptist has. You can search for a closer peditrician.  My best friend goes to Dr. Mary's offices and she will never switch. Nothing but good things from that practice either. :) 

    It's really all about who you are comfortable with. Feel free to call and make appointments to meet the office staff or the doctor. People do it all the time! If you aren't happy to be there, your child certainly won't either. The doctor is a scary thing when you're small. It's the least we as moms can do to make the experience better!

    *****Also if you are delivering at Baptist Downtown and have not selected a peditrician by the time the baby is here, fear not! There is a peds group that works exclusively with the hospital. They will do the inital check-ups and care for your baby for the first two/three days. They will also do the hepatitis shots for baby if that is something you are interested in doing. Once you go home though, you will be required to select a peditirican. This group is also on staff if in the event the ped you choose does not have rights at the hospital you are delivering at. They will, of course, take the time and update the ped you did select and send all of the results and discharge papers to them. :) 

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