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Preggo Water Aerobics??

Does anyone know of a place in Pittsburgh that offers a water aerobics class for pregnant women??  I think that would be so fun, and good for my body.  I checked CCAC in North Side, they have something similiar but it is only 3 weeks long.  I am looking for something I can take maybe once or twice a week for the entire pregancy.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

Re: Preggo Water Aerobics??

  • I don't know of any specific for pregnant women, but water aerobics are so low-impact that I'd think you could enroll in any water aerobics class successfully.

    As I told the previous poster, check out your local YMCA. 

  • I do some water aerobics at the Baierl Y.  I told the teach I was pregnant - she will occaisionally give me a minor modification to an exercise.
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