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Need pediatrician recs--North County Coastal

Anything north of Encinitas would be great. I'm delivering at Scripps Memorial La Jolla but want the pediatrician's office to be closer adn tied to Scripps Encinitas so Encinitas, Carlsbad or Oceanside would be fantastic. TIA!
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Re: Need pediatrician recs--North County Coastal

  • Hi!

    I was going to deliver at Scripps La Jolla too, but recently found out that they have some pretty tight restrictions on visitors due to swine flu. Luckily you're due a while after me, so hopefully the restrictions will be lifted by then! But you might want to check! I've changed to Scripps Encinitas because their restrictions weren't so tight. But, they expect there to be restrictions every where until at least the end of March (I'm due Mid-March). I just don't want you to be in for a big surprise! :)

    Anywho - back to your question! I've been asking my friends for pediatrician recs and a lot of people recommended pretty much anyone at the El Camino Pediatric Group in Encinitas (It's the big red brick medical buildings on El Camino Real near Garden View). I've heard that they're all great doctors, and a few specific names I've gotten are Dr. Taylor, Dr. Levy, and Dr. Fruman. I'm pretty sure I'll choose one of them for LO.

    Best wishes! 

  • I just realized that you're due in May... so I seriously doubt you'll have to face restrictions at La Jolla... YAY!
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  • I'm new to the SD board :) but I am in C-bad also. I have a 3 y/o DD and a 1 y/o DS. We see both Dr Frumin and Dr Taylor at El Camino Pediatric. My DD prefers Dr Taylor because she is a bit shy and so she likes female doctors and Frumin is kind of loud/funny (but awesome). I highly recommend them both.

    This is my second pedis office also. We used to go to another and switched and couldn't be happier. PM me if you want to know who we switched from.

  • Thank you, ladies! I had not heard of El Camino so I will definitely look into it!
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  • You're welcome!  Lots of good info here:

  • Thanks for posting this - I was wondering the same thing! It sounds like this is the office right next to my OB/GYN, so that would be perfect for us. I'll check them out!

    I'm due in May as well - when are you going to start meeting with pediatricians?

  • I'm not sue--how does the process work? I suppose I'll check them out towards the end of April. I don't want to cut it to close. You?
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