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where do/did you give your lovenox shot?

I've been giving myself the shot in the belly but I'm afraid when I'm further along this may become harder to do.  My Dr. says she has some patients that give themselves lovenox shots in the thigh.  That sounds painful!


Re: where do/did you give your lovenox shot?

  • Belly.  Mostly to the left or right of my belly button now that my bump is pulling the skin taut.
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  • I have always given mine in my rear, switching cheeks each day.
  • Belly. My hemotologist was pretty adament about belly only to be the most effective. I just switch sides and do my best to grab some skin when the needle goes in. Dh does it for me, so it helps to have someone else inject the needle.
  • Belly, love handle area.
  • Ditto the love handle area.  I am an ER nurse and this is where Lovenox is supposed to go.  However, I do not think that all teaching is accurate- several times I have given patients the injection, then they say "well when I have given it to myself before I do it near my belly button."  I don't know who is teaching self-administration to these people but it isn't following the manufacturer's guidelines.  Part of why this is probably so common is that a "normal" IM injection of insulin or some other drug generally does go closer to the belly button.


    There are illustrated pictures here.  I think even at 35 weeks, as stretched as I am, I have enough subcutaneous fat in my love handle area that I could still administer it there.

     Also, remember to rotate to different sites between each injection if possible- as you probably know, you can get big bruises if you don't.

  • Talk with your doctor if you are having any questions about location.  I am with a very experienced high risk OB who is fine with me giving it in my rear.  Based on his experience, he has absolutely no concerns about the absorbtion at this site. 
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