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Taylor Swift

I know she's cute and everything. I remember hearing her sing live a while ago and thinking how sucky she sounded. she still sounds sucky.

Re: Taylor Swift

  • She's a bit better now that the tempo picked up but she sounds kind of flat or something.  My DD loves loves loves her. 

  • I'll admit, I'm a fan... but the girl CAN NOT sing live. Period. I've seen her (not counting award shows, etc) several several times. Never been to a Taylor Swift "concert" but I live in Nashville and work in/around the business and have caught many of her performances.... she always sounds bad!
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  • Seriously, I do NOT get the draw of her... I do not even think she is cute. When she opens her mouth she looks like a dang chipmunk. And, her songs are just sappy teen songs.. no deep meaning.


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