Off topic, but please say a prayer for me!!

DH and I have both been struggling professionally, as we are both VERY underpaid.  Finances are tight, and will be especially tight once we adopt.  We have both been job searching for almost a year.

I have a second interview tomorrow for a job that would provide us with the comfortable lifestyle we hope to give our children.  We wouldn't be rich, but we would no longer have to worry.  DH could also stop job searching, and would be able to work part time on evenings and weekends and stay at home with our baby during the day.

So please say a prayer, send good vibes, etc, because I REALLY want this job!!


Re: Off topic, but please say a prayer for me!!

  • I will be sending some good vibes your way. I understand where you are at. I had a second interview last week and should be hearing something in the next few days. Like you it would make us feel much more comfortable with our living situation if I get this. Think positive. 
  • Good luck! DH got an offer last week and another friend as well. Things are picking up!
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  • Just said a prayer for you. Keep us updated. 
  • Hope it's not too late but I'm praying for you! Let us know how it goes today!!!!!
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  • Thanks everyone!  The interview is at 4:00 today.
  • Good luck!  The legal job market seems to be picking up a little lately -- I have several friends who've recently gotten offers or at least seen more interview action since Christmas...  I hope you get the job!
  • GL! GL! GL!  keep us posted!.....


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  • It went well, and I was told that they have narrowed down the candidates and I'm "one of the front-runners."  I should know something this week.
  • I've been praying for you.  Any news yet?
  • imageCaptainSerious:
    I've been praying for you.  Any news yet?

    Thanks!  I got an email today that they are going to try to call me this afternoon.  My stomach has been in knots all day.  I REALLY hope it's an offer!!

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