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Being on limited activity with a toddler?

Hello all.  I have a short cervix and I know I'll be put on limited activity again this time (at least to start with).  Have any of you dealt with this while trying to chase a toddler around.  I'm so worried that he's going to miss out.  He's so used to getting all of my attention, especially since my husband's been working like a madman recently.
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Re: Being on limited activity with a toddler?

  • This wsa tricky for us and in the end i ended up stright to bed rest so DD continues to go to daycare.  We did nto want to do that but we did not have a choice.   I would cuddle read book, puzzles, watch tv, so some crafts. (DH would bring us supples) Good luck!
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  • We have Seth enrolled FT in a Mother's Day Out program.  He is gone from me from 730a to 6p. =(  This is less than ideal, but we didn't do bedrest with Duncan, and look where that got us, and I going this route is the ONLY way I can hope to avoid hospitalization. So....

    I know that doesn't help you.  I guess my advice is don't be afraid to seek outside help if chasing your LO gets to be too much.

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  • I talked to my OB and he is okay with me taking care of DD at home right now.  My cervix has been holding strong at 2 cm even though it is really soft.  We don't go anywhere during the day, we just hang around the house and play with her toys until DH gets home from work.  She does go to daycare 1 day a week when I have my OB appointments, but that's it.
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  • Hi! I was put on modified bedrest from basically the time I found out and had my first appointment (around 5ish weeks) until just last week (22ish weeks). Little more limited than restricting activities in the fact that I had to be lying down or sitting with my legs up most of the time and I could only be in the house or at work (I sit all day at my job). It was hard but my husband has helped tremendously.


    I'm now on restricted activities and by now DS has gotten used to the fact that mommy can't pick him up or run after him, take him on walks, etc. He's adjusted pretty well in that he'll get up into his own carseat now and has all around become a bit more independent. We've branched out into doing more artsy stuff like drawing, painting, baking cut out cookies. I get a bit down about how much I'm not being his "mommy" anymore but then remember it's only temporary. I don't know what I'd do without DH, though. He works from home so he's home all day as well and picks up the slack.

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  • It's tough.  I thankfully am only on restricted activity right now (no travel, pelvic rest, and no lifting anything over 15 pounds) due to SCH and DH is a SAHD, but the weight restriction has still created some issues with DD pushing 30 pounds.  She's gotten used to the idea that I can't pick her up, and is now OK with me sitting on the floor or the couch with her more, instead.  DH also steps in sometimes for things like getting her into her crib (I read her a bedtime story, he comes in afterward just to lay her down).  I really miss getting to pick her up, and it's awkward sometimes because if push comes to shove and she's feeling disagreeable I can't pick her up to carry her if she feels like throwing a tantrum rather than having her diaper changed (for example), but it's working out.  I try and look on the bright side that is has motivated us to teach her some things on her own, for example, she has a step stool she climbs up on to wash her hands and brush her teeth all by herself, whereas before one of us would pick her up to put her on the counter.  Plus, with the new baby coming, it's practice for when she's going to have to have some patience with not being the center of attention or getting everything she wants.

  • Thank you all for responding.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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