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I made a tutu!!!

My goal this year is to be a little more crafty.  DH's best friend and his girlfriend are amateur photographers and wanted to take some pics of Ava.  She suggests finding a tutu or something girly like that for the photos.  I decided to be adventurous and try to make one.  Here is a pic of Ava in her homemade tutu:


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Re: I made a tutu!!!

  • Oh I LOVE it! Especially the colors you chose! Great job!
  • So cute--I wish I were crafty!
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  • Cah-ute!!  Did you follow some directions or just wing it?  I want to make a Clemson tutu for DD along with a crochet headband and flower to match.  I found a wholesale crochet headband and flower website today, yaay!

  • Ava is adorable.... :)  love the tutu!!!
  • Ava is adorable.... :)  love her tutu!!!
  • Turned out great!  So cute!
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