I tried to breastfeed our daughter..

Our daughter was adopted at birth... I tried to breastfeed her. I am glad I did, I enjoyed it although I never got a supply going.

It creeped people out I think...but whatever :) Even my husband.

The best things I think are to rent a hosptial grade pump 6 weeks or so beforehand if you have that kind of lead time...for sure a SNS device and lots and lots of time.

I am that total cliche adoptive mommy who after years of ifert treatment (5 IVFs and 5 losses) adopted and a year later was pregnant.

I struggled with breastfeeding our son (supply issues) probably connected to my Infert. so I think thats why I never got a supply with JLK. But now having done both formula and breastfeeding...the bonding is no different at all.

I might not try again with our next child since I will have 2 little ones and trying to adoptive breastfeed is time consuming...But I will for sure bottle feed topless and be the only one to feed the baby for the first 3 months..That meant the most to me...way more than having her latch on...

Just my 2 cents...

ANd here is the site I found most helpful to start with...even called her on the phone..

She has a adoptive breastfeeding section a little ways down


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Re: I tried to breastfeed our daughter..

  • Thanks for sharing!  I found this very helpful since I plan to try and bf our next child (Adopted).  Though if it doesn't work out, your ideas are great, I never would have thought of some of those things as an alternative.
    Married on 3.20.2004. It took 30 month, 2 failed adoptions and IVF for our first miracle. We have had 9 foster kids since he was born and started the domestic adoption process when he was 10 month old, we had 4 failed matches in that time. After our daughter was born we brought her home and spent 2 weeks fearing we might lose her because of complications that came up. But Praise God all went through and she is ours forever! Expecting again after IVF Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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