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Very Happy Now (GD)

I found out I had GD about 2 weeks ago first I was crying and all upset but now I am kinda used to it. My sugar levels have been low and everytime I find something new to eat with no sugar I get all excited :) On the plus side I LOST 10 pounds!!!!!!!! Baby is healthy and doing fine...growing at a normal weight...not to big.

Girls stick in there and keep in mind we will get through it together..........

Re: Very Happy Now (GD)

  • Thank you so much for posting this, it gives me hope!

    When you first started changing your diet, did you not feel well?  I found that yesterday (my first day) I had more energy but today I don't feel well (tired and occasionally light-headed).  I am wondering if it is due to sugar withdrawals (cutting out refined sugar and juices cold turkey)?

  • At first I didnt feel i feel fine and have more enery...but i dont know if its from loosing the weight or getting use to the diet.

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