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GD question-can I eat fish?

I was going over my in laws tonight for dinner and they are making shrimp scampi. FIL is going to buy me whole wheat pasta, but is the shrimp OK? I'll also eat a salad with it as well.


Re: GD question-can I eat fish?

  • you can have shrimp, it's a protein.  You'll want to be careful with the sauce they put on it though (butter is very fatty) and even though you're getting whole wheat pasta you still need to be careful with it.  I haven't had any pasta since starting the GD diet because you're only allowed such a small amount.  When you look at the carbs in it I imagine you'll only be able to have a 1/2 cup or less. 
  • I eat salmon, made on the stovetop with EVOO.

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