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Just need to vent...

So here is my story. Right around when Lily was born my husband met a girl who, at first, was just a friend and then it turned into more. I called it from the very beginning and knew what was going on but couldn't get him to tell me the truth until I went to visit some family out of town. So because I was gone, he got the idea that I was going to leave so he broke it off with her. I fought with my family and friends (and even almost lost some of my friendships), because I wanted to make it work, because I don't believe in divorce. So my husband brought up the subject of us going to marriage counseling. I told him if he set it up, I would definitely be up for going. 2 weeks went by and nothing happened so I brought it up in an argument, which turned into a yelling match and eventually physical. He didn't hit me but he did grab me by my wrists because I was trying to walk away, so that was his way of trying to control me. That's when I told him enough is enough, that I'm done. During the argument, when I brought up the subject of going to marriage counseling he turned it around on me and said I needed the help. A couple days later I sat down with him and told him this isn't right nor is it a healthy environment for our LO to be in. So in order for us to be back to our friendship level at least we need to be away from each other. Yes I would love for Lily to have her parents stay together, but I can't trust him anymore and it was driving me crazy thinking about it all the time. And it doesn't help matters any better when he goes out with his 'Single' friends every Friday & Saturday to the clubs. That just makes me not trust him even more.

 So in the mean time, while I'm waiting on a reply from some apartments I've applied to, his attitude has changed towards me, he's super nice to me. Anyway, sorry for making this so long. I just needed to vent to anybody that will listen. :-)

Re: Just need to vent...

  • Good for you.  You're taking the first step and doing what is best for your LO and you should be extremely proud of yourself.

    Feel free to vent here and make sure you keep us updated and keep us in mind if you need anything.

  • It's better for a child to be from a broken home than to live in one.  GL to you!
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