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GD - Why Can't I Make the Numbers?

I was diagnosed with GD Friday and today was my first day on a low carb diet.  I haven't been able to make my numbers once today which is so frustrating.  Did it take you a while to make your numbers when you first started?  My doctor has given me a week to try diet alone before putting me on insulin.

Fasting is supposted to be < 80, I rated 88

1 hr after breakfast, lunch and dinner  < 120, I rated 156, 127 & 158

Also for snacks, do you simply eat when you are hungry or do you make sure to space 1 snack out exactly halfway between meals?

Thanks in advance, this is all new to me.

Re: GD - Why Can't I Make the Numbers?

  • I test 2 hours after I start eating and have to be less than 120.  My fasting number should be under 90  .  
  • Wowie, daintie, those numbers really seem strict.  I am absolutely no authority, but I wonder if you could ask around more or get another opinion or something before being put on insulin so quickly. 

    My limits are fasting <95 and 2 hr <120.  Granted those are on the high end, but I haven't seen limits like yours in the 5 weeks I've been around this board.  From what I've heard, <140 is about the norm for a 1 hr test, but you'd get a more reliable answer from someone who actually does test at that time.

    It did take me a couple of days to get my numbers on track, and for me the key was drinking lots of water (I am on bed rest for pre-e, so I can't exercise).  Even today, if I forget to push the fluids, I can get a high number, no matter how tried and true the meal is.

    In answer to your other question, I usually eat my snack right after my 2 hour test, or exactly half way between meals.  If I eat snack too close to a meal, it throws my numbers off.  GL and hope everything works out!

  • Those numbers seem really low to me. My fasting is supposed to be below 95 and i test 1 hr after meals and its supposed to be less than 140. I was put on a low dose of glyburide at night to help lower my fasting numbers and even now my fasting has never been below 80. I usually run about 85 and in the 120s after meals.

    It did take a while for me to get my diet adjusted though. I'd give it the full week before you start to worry. It's trial and error until you find out how different foods affect you. Then plan on having to adjust again if your doctor starts you on medication. Also, as your pregnancy progresses, you'll need to be readjusting due to rising hormones.

  • I have the same type of restrictions. It's not east to make these numbers either. Make sure you eat your evening snack and make it all protien. To make you other numbers reduce as much carbs out as possilbe. Instead of thinking its a low carb diet its almost like a very low/no carb diet. :( Good luck.
  • Yesterday was my first day on a low carb diet too, and it is so very frustrating.  I also have to check my keytones, which has me all crazed this morning. That aside, my restrictions are before breakfast between 65-95, and 1 hour after meals between 65-140.  Yesterday was hard to eat and test bc we had my son's birthday party yesterday.  So my numbers yesterday were not that good imo, although my niece and mil who are nurses, said they were not that bad.  My fasting was 118, breakfast was 141, dinner was 165.  I totally skipped lunch bc of the party so I didn't even get that number and my morning was late anyway bc the nurse was there.  I did my best yesterday and wasn't happy with my numbers.  This morning, however, my fasting was 79!  I was excited!  So I am hoping the numbers will get better as time goes on. 

    I am planning on eating equally spaced out as best I can.  I figure that'd be best.  I am totally with you about the frustrating.  My dr. hasn't mentioned when they'd put me on insulin.  I do have to call if my keytones are off OR I get two readings that are extremely high.  GL and I am sure it will get easier for both of us.

  • Your limits are low-  My fasting is supposed to be below 90 and 1 hour after meals it's supposed to be 140.  I haven't had a problem getting mine below that.  I eat my snacks 2-3 hours after my meals.  I base it off of time and not when I'm hungry, unless I'm starving then I'll have it a little early. 

    What have you been eating?  What are your carb limits? Did you cut out all sugar and juice?  

  • Thanks ladies, I thought my numbers were pretty low when reading all the informative posts on this board.  I am so thankful I found you ladies, I felt so alone in this when I found out about GD.


    My OB said that the doctor was pretty conservative, and she felt he would put me on insulin right away ? so I was thankful he didn?t at first.


    He is recommending carbs are 45 grams for each meal and 14 grams each snack.


    I have cut out all refined sugars and juices and I have started to make sure that when I eat fruits that I have it with protein.


    On a good note, I do feel like I had more energy yesterday. 


    Is there any website you have found that outline meal plans that you have found helpful?  The ones I have found so far have been pretty generic.


  • Try cutting out carbs 

    The only hard part for me was in the morning. I cut out carbs after lunch and the number went down a lot for my fasting number. My doc says fasting should be under 90 and urs is under 80 so i guess everyone is a little different. You have to try different things until you get there.

    Everyone is different and breaks down food different. Check with your doctor and make see you can go for a walk...that also helped my number go down.

  • I understand how frustrating it can be.  I'm on insulin and glyburide at night and insulin before breakfast since I can't get my number below 130 an hour afterwards.  Everyone seems to have different numbers due to that everyone is different.  My fastings are suppose to be under 90 and my one hour after meals are to be be under 130.  Lunch (which I get 60 g of carbs) I'm usually around 114 and Dinner (45 g) is usually around 105.  But breakfast, doesn't matter what I eat, oatmeal, cereal, or eggs... always is between 135-150.  Can't seem to control it, so I'm on insulin now before breakfast and you know what, I've only had two days of insulin before breakfast (they warned that it could take a few days for my body to adjust) my numbers are still exactly the same.  It took a while for my fastings to get under 90 after the combo meds at night.  Oh when I was first diagnosed I was testing 2 hours and my sugars were well within normal.  I sometimes check my breakfast now one hour and two hour and two hours it can be down to 100, but that one hour was 150.  The MFM doc thought my body wasn't able to handle the sugars after an hour since baby's measuring 3 weeks ahead (when they saw me in Dec. baby was right on track). He wanted me to start insulin at night and test one hour after meals.  Obviously he was right.

    Hang in there you've only had this diet for a day, you'll realize what works and what doesn't work.  I would suggest you write down what you are eating until you figure out what works and what doesn't.  It helped me a lot.

    Good Luck!  Hang in there, before you know it, it'll all be over and you can have your carbs again. 

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