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GD and light headiness?

I was just diagnosed on friday with GD and over the weekend I'm trying to lower my carbs as well as no juices. I won't be seeing my dietician until tues or so. Anyway I noticed after a meal I'm fine but maybe 1-2hrs later I'm not so much hungry as I just feel lathargic and light headed and tired. Is this LOW blood sugar? I feel better after having a snack. I'm confused by this all. Right now I'm eating some celery and PB and I feel a little better. I'm sure ill know more once I see the dietician but I'm not liking day 1! Thanks!

Re: GD and light headiness?

  • Ya I think you need to make sure you are snacking. I get really low lows. I have to eat really small amounts every 2-3 hours or I feel that way. It's tough at first to get the right amount and stuff down. I wasn't eating enough at first b/c i was freaked out.


  • yeah that sounds like time for you to have a snack.  Snacks should be about 2 hours after meals anyways so having a carb and protein at that time is important. 
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