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When did your preemie teethe?

Dear God PLEASE let that be the attitude change I've seen in DD this weekend...otherwise, I might just cry.
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Re: When did your preemie teethe?

  • sorry! Hopefully it gets better soon. We're still waiting for teeth but I know other preemies have teethed sooner than Kevin.
  • Andrew got his first tooth at 6 months adjusted. He showed symptoms forrrrever but got really bad for about a week before the first 2 teeth came through.
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  • Simon got his first chompers around 4 months actual (2 months adjusted).  We have early teeth on both sides of our families!  Try Tylenol and Motrin (you can alternate between the two).
  • We started at aorund 4mths with all the drooling and chewing, then about 6mths got the first tooth and now have 5 going on 6.
  • stella's first two teeth came in at around 4.5 months adjusted (7 actual).  she was a bit crabby beforehand I would say.  i highly recommend teething tablets.
  • Max drooled like a leaky faucet from about 5 months actual... he didn't have a tooth cut until about 3 days after his 1st birthday, and they've been coming in pretty regularly ever since... he's up to 10 or so now...
  • DS has been teething for about the past 2 weeks...and I finally felt the little chip yesterday. When we went to the pedi last week and she was checking his gums out with the wood stick, she said he was working on 4 of them. Wish me luck...they get sooo cranky!!!
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  • Georgia started drooling like crazy around 4 months actual, August.  We didn't see progress until her 1st tooth bud, around early November.  Both teeth came in around Thanksgiving.  

    We're waiting on the top two...  :)

    She liked cold teethers with texture to them and her Sophie, of course! 

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  • She has been for the last 2 months-ish.. so she started around 3 months.  It was bad at first, but she's been better lately.  Now that she found out she can chew on her hand she's fine.  Not the best habit, but I dont have the energy to fight it.  She's just starting to be able to put things in her mouth so hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get to start chewing on things actually designed to be chewed on.
  • The excess droll and bite-y tendencies started at 4 mo actual (2.5 adjusted) and at 6 mo actual we still have no actual teeth just yet, but I sense they're coming soon (gums are even more swollen and his bite is getting firmer).
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