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Can a cyst(s) prevent AF?

Okay so I'm 9 days past Provera and STILL no sign of the wench. I know that people say it can take up to two weeks but I'm wondering if there's any reason she wouldn't be here....could cysts be preventing it? I've had localized sharp pains and twinging....


Re: Can a cyst(s) prevent AF?

  • I don't know about the Provera part, but each time my cycle has been out of wack since TTC,  it has been due to cysts. I get irregular spotting, and a delayed period by a few weeks. Hopefully you can see your doc to get it checked out--good luck!
  • Gosh, GOOD question!  You know I have no idea, and you're well ahead of me cycle-wise, but I've been wondering this same thing.  I may be calling to ask for prometrium on Monday.  I still have no idea why the wench hasn't visited you, but I want her to get moving. :(
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  • For me it did.  I had cysts on each ovary after my first month of Follistim shots.  We cancelled my cycle on cd3 and I didn't get AF until cd 40 (i normally have a 30-day cycle).
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