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Bradley Method- Thoughts?

I was recently put on Lovenox  2 x a day and one of the complications of this medication is that I can't have an epidural because of risk of paralysis. Has anyone had any experience with this method? I'm looking at resources to help prepare me for a natural childbirth. TIA
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Re: Bradley Method- Thoughts?

  • I have been on Lovenox 2x/day for both my pregnancies and I have never heard of this.  I will be taken off these shots about 24 hours before being induced (which I think is fairly common).  This leaves enough time for all meds to be out of your system and should be fine to get an epi.  I've also heard many ladies getting switched to heparin near the end because it doesn't stay in your system as long.  So, as far as paralysis.....I thought this was a concern for anyone getting an epi.....not because of the Lovenox.  I would talk with your drs and even get another opinion just to be sure.  I honestly have never heard of this and would be interested in others responses as well.  I'm all about natural birth as well.....and wish you luck if that's the outcome.  Being prepared is by far, the best option for natural childbirth!  Good luck with your shots as well.....each day will be better and better!
  • DH and I took the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes and REALLY enjoyed them--to me its all about educating yourself about the birthing process so you can make the best choices for you and your baby--it explains anatomy, different stages of labor, pre and post-natal nutrition, breastfeeding, relaxation tips, counter pressure techniques, etc. It was great because while alot of the info was repeat for me (I did a lot of research prior) it was great for DH to hear it, be able to ask questions, etc.

    For us, the official classes are 12 weeks long though so thats something to consider--But the purpose of having 12 weeks worth of class is repetition so that you can practice and feel well-prepared in advance--I unfortunately will probably end up having to have a c-section but if they let me go with just a medical induction I still plan on trying to go med-free (which should be interesting since pitocin contractions can be much worse than regular contractions) but I have known many women who have had wonderful, unmedicated bradley births who highly recommended it as well--GL!

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  • Heparin is not covered by my insurance plan- so switching is not an option for me. The Lovenox website even says that they don't recommend an epidural because it can cause a clot in the spine which can lead to paralysis. I'll see what the doctor says on Monday and we'll see what they say. Thanks for the advice
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  • We just went to our last Bradley class this morning.  They have been SO helpful in preparing for a natural, med-free birth.  I really feel like we are ready and Bradley classes were instrumental in getting us here.

    DH's two SILs both did Bradley with their husbands and each had two kids, all un-medicated births.  Their raves about how much Bradley helped them achieve that convinced us to take the courses.

    If you do decide to try for a natural, med-free birth, there is a group with a daily check-in on the 3rd tri board.  The women aren't just doing Bradley, but other methods as well.  Here's a link to the blog:  Au Naturals

    Good luck :)

  • Your insurance covers Lovenox but not Heparin?? I'd double check that - Lovenox is literally 10x more expensive than Lovenox. I had to fight to get Lovenox since the Hep is so much cheaper.

    As for the Epi, I know many women who were on Lovenox and had epidurals. Doctors switch you to the Heparin for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. 

    Do you see a maternal-fetal medicine specialist? They know the ins and outs of this stuff, and many regular OBs are not as familiar with the standard procedures.

    What if you end up needing an emergency C-section? How would they control your bleeding on the Lovenox? The Hep gets out of your system more quickly, but the Lovenox is tricker. That's why they switch you to the Heparin at the end of pregnancy. 

  • image alizabethy:

    Your insurance covers Lovenox but not Heparin??


    Yep. BC/BS of FL plan that I am on doesn't cover it at all. The Perintologist new it was going to be more expensive for Lovenox and so they prescribed Heparin. The pharmacy called and said it wasn't covered and it would be $220 a month.

    So we got the Lovenox called in and a 9 day supply is costing us $800, but after that we will have met our deductible and a month's supply will cost $45, so in the long run it just makes sense. 

    I have a lot of questions for the Dr. on Monday, but I would assume that when I go in labor they won't have me take any shots. As far as a C-Section I would assume they would have to put me out completely which is not ideal. That's why I'm trying to be as prepared as possible for natural childbirth. 

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  • I was also on Lovenox through the majority of my pregnancy (switched to Heparin at 36 weeks). They induced at 39 wk, so I was able to go off the Hep 24 hours prior to induction. If I had gone into labor spontaneously prior to the switch to Hep, it is possible that an epi would not have been an option. Therefore, we took Bradley classes. I would have loved to go natural (even with the pitocin induction). As it turned out, I failed to progress (which often happens with inductions prior to EDD) and ended up with a c-section.

    I really liked the Bradley classes. 

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    What if you end up needing an emergency C-section? How would they control your bleeding on the Lovenox? The Hep gets out of your system more quickly, but the Lovenox is tricker. That's why they switch you to the Heparin at the end of pregnancy. 

    There are moms who are not able to go off their blood-thinners prior to labor (either because they go into pre-term labor or because they are being treated for a blood clot). In the case where these mom have to have a c-section, they are put under general anesthesia rather than given a spinal or epi.

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  • I use Bradley Method during my first pregnancy. I had several complications, but still delivered without an epidural (while on Pitocin and having triple-peaking contractions.) I hope that should I become pregnant again, I will be able to use Bradley method or at least some of the techniques because having a drug-free childbirth experience was one of the most empowering and feminine experiences of my life.

     As for Lovenox and no epidurals... as your doctor if you can switch to a short-acting heparin/low-molecular weight heparin when you are in your last few weeks. In general, the docs I work with like to have 6 hours from the time of the last heparin injection or 18 hours from the last lovenox injection before placing an epidural.

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