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GD - Verrry low carb

I was diagnosed with GD last week and my doctor put me on a very low carb diet, basically the Atkins diet.  He said no cereal, bread, tortillas, etc., not even whole wheat.  He said basically protein and veggies.  From what I have been reading on the message boards, it seems like everyone else can still eat carbs, but just keep them under certain numbers.

Anyone else on this strict of a diet?  I'm just wondering why he has me so limited.  I also have gall stones (had an attack a couple months ago), borderline high blood pressure and I'm anemic.

Re: GD - Verrry low carb

  • that's crazy. I'm really surprised by this.  Don't we need carbs to keep our energy up?  Cutting all carbs sounds really extreme.  Are you checking your blood sugar levels?  What range do they want you in?

    I have 50g carbs with dinner and about 45g with lunch.  I can't imagine not having any.  GL!  

  • How many carbs did he say you can have?  You have to have some source of carbs though, otherwise, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you can go into a diabetic coma.  My carbs are 45 for meals, 15 for snacks, so it's not a ton of carbs each day
  • You need to have a good balance of carbs, proteins, veggies, etc. You should have received an amount of carbs to eat at each meal and snack. Have you met with a nutrionist?
  • I did very low carb for ten years - not pregnancy related but to lose and then maintain weight.  You won't go into a diabetic coma- don't panic about that.  What you could do is put your body in ketosis.  Ask your doctor about it- you can just pee on the sticks (you can buy in health stores/drug stores) to make sure you don't).  It just means your body is basically eating it's own fat cells because it's not getting enough nutrition.

    As for eating low carb, I loved it after my body got used to it.  It will be hard at first since your body is going through withdrawl from the sugar but after about 4-5 days, you get used to it. 

    You can still get carbs- just not from bread type food. I ate grapes, and all types of berries.  They have carbs- but they're the lowest carbs of all fruit.  Buy the McCormick sauces- they're great over meat (I love the 3 cheese sauce for chicken) and they really fill you up and make you feel satisfied without a lot of carbs.

    The hardest part of eating this way is that you never feel really full.  You know after you eat a pasta dinner and you swear you'll never eat that way again?  You don't feel that full.  But I would never really feel starving hungry either.  Your blood sugar will be more level and never peak/drop which is why you don't feel full/hungry. 

    Good luck!

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  • My endocrinologist has me checking my keytones daily just to make sure I'm getting enough carbs.  (30 breakfast, 45 lunch and 45 dinner w/ 2 15 carb snacks)

     You have to have carbs.  I'd check back with him on the # if you aren't sure; sounds like he should refer you to a dietician. 

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