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Up to 20 units of insulin

It's pretty frustrating when you eat everything you're suppose to be eating, and you're still getting numbers in the 150's. I have found 4 or 5 meals that worked really well two weeks ago...and then just stopped working.

So, 20 units of novolog before each meal. Is anyone else on this much insulin?

Also, does anyone else take lantus? I'm thinking I need some longer acting coverage as well.



Re: Up to 20 units of insulin

  • I'm in Canada so I'm on different kinds of insulin.  But I finally had a good fasting number this morning after taking 20 units of slow acting insulin at bedtime last night.  And a good post breakfast number after 16 units of fast acting at breakfast this morning.

    My Mom is Type 1 diabetic and was stunned that I was starting at 10 units.  After too many middle of the night crashes she was terrified that was going to happen to me the first night.  I'm shocked it took such high amounts to get things under control.  And with 10 weeks left I can't imagine how much higher I'll end up going.

  • I've been a lurker for a while, but being that I am on insulin and can relate, I thought I would actually come out of lurking to respond to your post.

    Currently I'm at 10 units of Apidra (similar to Novolog) before meals as well as 35 units of Lantus before bed every night.  

    The Lantus at night is a miracle worker for me.  My fasting numbers is the morning are in the 75-89 range all the time.  It gives me such great peace of mind.

    I've noticed that my numbers are starting to creep up again, and was told that would happen due to the increase in hormones over time.

    I wouldn't be too worried about the number of units you have to take before meals unless it ends up giving you low sugar numbers.  The number of units has more to do with the hormone levels than anything else.

    I've got 8 weeks left and am sure I'll end up having to up my doses before meals eventually.  I'm fine with it though, because the perinatologist said that all of this insulin is really helping me keep my numbers in check and at the last ultrasound, the baby measured perfectly.  

    Best of Luck!
  • hi!! I take 5 units of novalog for each carb unit I eat. And also 40 units of Lantus at night. This has helped tremendously with my fasting numbers. They are always around 85-90, where before they were almost 120. It is a pain to take all this insulin but I am right there with you:)
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  • Remember it's just a number. There is no harm in having to take that much. However much works to keep your numbers in control is what you need to do.

    I've heard of some having to take as much as 50 before a meal. Usually vegetarians who don't get enough protien.

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