I have a question for you ladies

Is my presence on this board weird, seeing that I am adopting and pregnant also? I ask because I wonder if my being on here makes anyone uncomfortable. I feel so at home with you ladies because you are all so wonderful and very understanding. Please be honest.

Re: I have a question for you ladies

  • I <3 and DEFINITELY want you to stay!
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  • I have been doing a lot of lurking since I joined this board but you being around doesn't bother me at all, FWIW. 

    We are adopting because that is what we want to do, nothing to do with TTC.

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  • doesn't bother me.  I was in the same boat almost all of last year and noone seemed to mind.

    Like the pp said, people adopt for all kinds of reasons, not just because of trouble TTC

  • I love seeing you here.  I don't feel uncomfortable at all.  Like my RE said, when we called to say we'd adopted Ben...a baby is a baby and we're happy no matter how a baby comes into your life.  That's how I feel about it now.  There are 4 pregnant women at work and I love talking to them and being around them.  It doesn't bother me at all.  Ben is the baby God wanted us to have and that's that....;o)
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  • Doesn't bother me at all.
  • Not at all.

    The siggie pic is NMS, but that's my problem, not yours ;)

  • No way I have a bio and an adopted daughter...just bc your adopting doesn't mean you are also struggling with IF, some are, yes, but some aren't.  All is welcome!

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  • It doesn't make me uncomfortable.  I hope you stay! 
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  • Nope!
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  • Doesn't bother me, either.
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  • I don't mind you being here!
  • I'm good as well!

  • I welcome you (and anyone else) to share your thoughts and journey.  We all have such varied experiences and insights to offer and that is what makes this board so beautiful and rich with life. We are not cookie cutter people all with just one perspective.  That would be so boring.  

    The way we build our families is unique and brings a different perspective to the stories we share.  I think you can enhance our knowledge from a unique place in the adoption process.

    However, since you asked, and I'm being really honest (sorry), the siggy pix does bother me.  I'm ultrasensitive right now since my 2nd m/c.  However, as other poster said, its my problem, not yours. 

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  • Thank you ladies for being so totally honest with me and I am very grateful that you don't mind me staying on here. I changed the ticker, but one last question. Was it the baby in the siggy or is it the pregnancy ticker in the whole. I don't want to offend anyone because you ladies accepted me with open arms when everyone else thought that I was crazy for wanting to take "someone else's child"
  • Hi, the new pg ticker is fine.  No problem with it at all.

    The other one was too graphic and such a visual reminder (at least to me) that about what is missing in my life.  The other one just jumped out at me and was jarring to see.

    You did not have to change it, but again with all honesty, the new one is easier for me to view.  Thank you.  

    TTC #1 for over 5 years - too many to count IF treatments (tried everything and anything), repeat miscarriages. Finally, Sticky Success!! B/G Twins arrived 2011. VOTE on my Name List Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I appreciate that you asked. But you are also going through adoption and understand the ups and downs. You're fortunate to have both in progress.
  • Again I apologize for the ticker. I was so excited after 10 years of heartbreak that I didn't stop to think how my actions would affect others.
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