Gift for agency rep?

Even though I was not terribly happy with my agency rep a couple days ago, overall we have been very pleased with her dedication and hard work. We would like to get her something to show our appreciation, but not something like a giftcard that's generic. We have never met her in person as we live in a different state and therefore need to be able to mail it. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't want a big over the top gift, especially since we have other gifts for the in-country staff to buy, but just something that shows appreciation in a personal but not overly personal manner?

Re: Gift for agency rep?

  • If it was me, honestly, I would just but a really nice card and write a letter on the inside explaining our feelings and expressing our thanks.  I think that that is very heartfelt and has always meant more to me then anything someone has bought.  It shows that you took the time and they can always re-read exactly what you wrote.


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  • This may be dumb but...what about a donation in her name to an adoption-centric charity like the Dave Thomas foundation?
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  • What about sending her a nice bouquet of "thank you" flowers?  You could even send it from your LO, as a "thank you for helping me find my forever family".  I don't happen to remember your particular situation, so that may not make sense for you.  It was just an idea.

    I am currently overseas and plan to pick up something small and meaningful for both BM and SW.  That probably isn't too helpful for you though.  Sorry I don't have more ideas!

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  • I like the idea of a nice letter or possible gift to an adoption or child related non-profit. If there is a specific interest you have in common that you bonded over perhaps there is an idea there?
  • Thanks guys. I really like the idea of a charitable donation. I'll see if I can build on that with maybe flowers or I was thinking a gift like bagels or lunch for their office may work too.
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