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Bed Rest Question!

Hi ladies! Im now going on my third week of bed rest and have a quick question... I work at a small baby boutique where I am one of two employees. Long story short, because of the size of the company I work for, I have not been able to be paid for the last three weeks, and unfortunately from my last Dr. appointment it does not look as if I will be going back to work for a while! I was curious if anyone one else is going through something similar to this or if you have any financial suggestions for me?? Thanks!

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  • Sorry I'm not going to be much help.  Right now, I should be eligible for my school district's employee sick leave bank and "hardship days", which pays a portion of my salary.  I'm not sure if I'll be eligible for STD because I was pregnant before the effective date.  But, I'll at least be paid for some of my bed rest time.  However, I will not be paid for any time once the baby arrives.  So, I'll be in your boat then.  What we've done is try to pay ahead on some bills to try to prepare for that.  Fortunately, we're able to do that.  Also, since I'm on bedrest, I'm not out spending any money, which is good.  Otherwise, I have no ideas.  Sorry Sad
  • hmmm i think you may be able to go for short term unemployment.. i would check online to see..

  • I guess each state has different rules- but in NJ- you file for temporary disability.  You get paid a portion of your salary and it maxes out somewhere around $500 per week. 

    If I didn't have this- bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy would be even more of a bummer than it is now!!


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  • I am in your boat, but only because I don't qualify for FMLA/Short-term disability because I started my current position and found out I was pregnant the same day!

    We are really counting on our tax return to get us through... thankfully, it is a large one so we should be fine, but I hate the stress of $$ during this time... 

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