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so GD ladies-what are we counting MILK as?

i've been counting it as a carb portion but i'm reading some people don't.  i know it has protien in it.  so, whats the deal?  also, are you doing fine with it at breakfast?

Re: so GD ladies-what are we counting MILK as?

  • Milk is a carb.... :)

    I eat cereal for breakfast and do fine, although I am insulin controlled.

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  • milk is a carb.  15 grams of carbs per seving.
  • thats what i thought.  so sad...
  • Ditto everyone...milk is a carb.  The milk I drink is 12 g of carbs for one cup.  I still have it with my cereal or oatmeal and my two hours were fine but now I check my one hours and they aren't so fine.  I'm on insulin now before breakfast since that's my only high number.  My one hours after the other two meals are typically under 115.  Breakfast is around 135-142.  They like it under 130.  Oh well.  I also have two cups of it at night for my evening snack.  I'm addicted to chocolate milk and unfortunately one cup is 26 g of carbs so sometimes I mix 1/2 c choc. & 1/2 c reg. and have another 3/4 c of regular.

    Before GD and even before pregnancy I would go through a gallon of choc. milk every 3 days, (I would find either skim or 1% to drink) the doctors never seemed concerned since we all knew I definitely had my calcium intake.  I've seriously cut down my choc. milk intake, I'm now only buying 1/2 gallon about every week and a half to two weeks.  But it's not about me it's about the baby and that's what gets me through. 

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