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Absolutely repulsed by the thought of potty seats? Someone suggested I ask for one of these for Eve's birthday. I'm looking at them on the BRU website and the pics of the little kids sitting next to the potties just makes me want to hurl.. I don't know why..I am NOT a germaphobe.. I even sit on public toilets.. *gasp*.. but I can't deal with baby potties.

I am definitely gonna get one of the little tops that just goes on the big potty and skip the whole baby potty thing.. but I don't think I can bring myself to ask for one for her b-day.. Just too gross. 

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Re: Anyone else..

  • My sitter was saying she has found that the potty seats make it harder to potty train.  She has found that once they are ready to sit on the toilet they sometimes get scared to.  Instead she gets the seats that go right onto the toilet.  I'm not sure yet what we will do but we'll probably just get the one that goes right on top.
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  • SO with you. The thought of rinsing poops out of a plastic bucket gags me too.
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  • Eh, its not as bad as I thought it would be. Granted he almost never poops on the potty...

    Oh and we were going to skip the separate potty but I'm really glad we got one. Kind of weird, but he likes to go potty with us sometimes. So one of us sits on the regular toilet & he sits on his. And he has no problem at all going on regular sized toilets (we have to hold him so he doesn't fall in though!) He's actually a weirdo, he LOVES public toilets. He will go anywhere out in public. Grosses DH out so much, lol

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  • Yup, we are going to do the little potty seat that goes on top of the big toilet.  I also think it will take up less room - although maybe not if you then need a step stool anyway.

  • I can't even get my DH to change poopy diapers, so I know he won't clean out a seperate kid's potty.  We're so far away from this stage, but we will definitely be getting the seat for the big toilet.
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  • We got a potty seat because there's a very good chance that we'll move to a house that only has a bathroom on the second floor.  Also, we do what Kim does, and have Rosie sit on her seat while we're on the toilet.  Although we've only dealt with pee in the seat, never poop.
  • My SD was trained on the seat that goes over the toilet. It worked fine, but I did have to help her get on. But people are telling you to get one for her 1st b-day? That seems way early.
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