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Type 1 diabetes, please come in!

Hello ladies, this is my third pregnancy, but first with diabetes.. Doc and I are trying to see what my insulin ratios should be and all and I am tracking my numbers . I am currently 7 wks 1 day and on the pump.. and the doc told me that high blood sugars can cause m/c so i am petrified of that.. in my zeal to avoid a high blood sugar after lunch i may have given myself TOO much insulin and I just wound up with a bs of 56.. it feel a little shaky but just gobbled some cookes real quickly.. whats worse too high or too low.. its so hard to find a safe medium.. anyone with this experience??TIA!

Re: Type 1 diabetes, please come in!

  • At meals, give yourself the amount of insulin that you need according your insulin:carb ratio's.  Check your blood sugar 1-2 hours after eating and if you are high after 2 hrs of eating, you may need to correct it.  Be careful not to take too much insulin at meal time just to prevent a high.  Also, be careful if you are low, to not eat too much.  15-20 carbs should bump your blood sugar up to a better range.  Keep in touch with your endocrinologist frequently.  My endo has me coming in every month to get my A1c's checked and I also have to fax in my blood sugars at least once a month so that they can adjust my insulin requirements.  Try not to stress too much, an occasional high will not make you miscarry.  Not having your diabetes under control will put you at higher risk for miscarriage, but a high once in a while will not. 
  • Thank you so much, she is having me fax in my bs every week till we come up with a good basal rate for me..
  • When I was pregnant I had a really bad low 32 and my DH had to call 911.  My high risk OB said that even though you dont want to be that low the baby can tolerate the lows a lot better then the highs.


  • The first few weeks of pregnancy have been the worst (with both), but around 10 weeks I seem to go on a month of low spells.  After that things seem to get a little easier to control even though my insulin usage will go through the roof.


    Hang in there!

  • I've had type 1 for about 6 years now (I am 26). I am pregnant (24 weeks) with number 2.


    The beginning is challenging because your insulin requirement goes up dramatically, but once I figured that out I had no other problems really. Being on the pump will really help you I'm sure, I am not, I do shots. My A1c was 6.3 at my last appointment and although I wanted it and expected it to be lower, my doctor was very pleased. I tend to be on the lower side, but both of my doctors said that as long as I manage it, they would prefer me be a bit lower. I didn't have any additional problems with my first other than having a c-section, but that was because my son did not drop. he was only 7lbs, so not large at all. I am trying for a VBAC this time around, we'll see!!!


    Good luck, just keep on it and you'll be fine, no need to stress. Taking care of your diabetes does not make you at any more risk than anyone, only if it is not managed. You will do great!

  • I have been diabetic since I was 14 and I am now 27.  This is my second baby pregnancy.  I have to fax in my blood sugars to my OB every week and he adjusts them for me if needed.  There comes a point right before your second trimester that your need for insulin will drop..... I have not had that yet...!  And there is also a point where the need for it will rise.  I was told that lows are just as bad as highs especially if you are yo-yo'ing back and forth.  Before this pregnancy (#2) my A1C was 8.3 then two months later (after I found out I was pregnant) I got it to drop to 6.5 with a lot of testing... about 10 times a day!  If you have a lot of high blood sugars it can cause for a big baby, which in turn can cause for a C-Section (as I had to have and will have again)!  GL to you and I hope they will get the insulin dosage correct and soon.
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