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3rd Trimester

Falling during the 3rd trimester

Has anyone else fallen during the third trimester? I fell on the sidewalk on my knees mostly, but also on my stomach last night which was really scary. My knees are sore, but other than that I am feeling the baby move and according to my doppler her heart rate is totally fine. Should I be worried?

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  • I haven't fallen big time, but I did hit a deer in my car and smash my belly into the steering wheel.  Basically, I learned that as long as the fetal movement doesn't seem to change and there's no bleeding or cramping, you're both probably perfect.  There's a lot of padding and such, even late in the game.
  • I fell the other day in my drive way on my hands and knees, I didn't think much of it since my stomach never made contact. If you're worried, call yoru Dr. just for piece of mind but changes are she's completely fine.
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  • I have read that we are definitely not as graceful in 3rd tri. If you found the hb with the doppler and can feel LO then I am sure everything is ok. If you are still concerned, it can't hurt to call the dr.
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  • You should call your doc, you landed on your stomach!  I know when other people have posted about it their doctors want them to come in and get checked out, and they haven't even all landed on their stomachs.
  • I fell.  My Dr. got mad at me when I told him I fell and I didn't go to the ER.  He says 90% of the time it'll be ok, but you should go just to make sure.
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  • I fell at 36 weeks and again at 37 weeks. The one at 36 weeks I fell down a flight of concrete stairs and hit my back on the stairs and started having cramping.. upon going to the L&D I was having contractions but my doctor said it was because I strained my stomach muscles trying to catch myself but they went away.. The fall at 37 weeks was on my hands and knees and I didn't have any cramping. Because you hit your stomach you should go get checked out just in case, my doctor said if I ever fall again and hit my stomach I should go to L&D and get checked out...
  • If you feel ok, and you can feel her move, and her HR sounds good i think you are ok. But of course you may wont to call your doctor just to be on the safe side.

    This happend to my mom in a store when she was 9 months with my sister, she was more scared than anything else. 

    I fell on my back at 38 weeks, flat on my back, scared me to death, but things looked ok...

    GL and hope you feel better soon.

  • Glad you are ok.  Just keep an eye or call for piece of mind.  I would be the one calling but they usually say if baby is moving fine and there is no cramping or spotting you and baby are probably just fine. 
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  • My doc says not to worry if I can still feel her moving the same amount.


    I fall a lot. I was a klutz before I got pregnant. I fell up the stairs today.

  • A coworker fell at work in her 3rd trimester- it was just a little fall, she landed on her hands and knees, but she said she felt her stomach get tight, like  the baby was grabbing on for dear life when she went down, she called her Ob, they told her go to the ER rigth away. They did some tests to see if her placenta was bleeding, came back positive it was, so they held her for 24hours, turned out she was  fine, but it was still really scary.
  • Don't be worried - falling during the 3rd trimester is very common.  It is reccomended that you go get checked out though becuase the doc may decide to do and NST. 


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  • I'm not trying to freak you out, but I'd call your doctor just to be safe. At my childbirth class last week, they said if you fall and hit your abdomen, you could cause a bleed behind your placenta, so it's good to just call to make sure they don't want you to come in and get checked out.
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  • Call your doc.  The same thing happened to me last week - I felt fine, but called my doc to be safe - they ended up putting me in the hospital to monitor me overnight.  I'm now on modified bedrest for the duration of my pregnancy.
  • I fell at the beginning of 3rd tri but luckily DH was holding my hand and was able to yank me and change the direction I was facing when I fell.  I ended up falling on my hip and bracing myself with my hand.  If hadn't been holding onto me I would have probably fallen on my belly.  I called the doctor and he said as long as I wasn't bleeding or cramping I should be fine.  I was a little worried because LO was a little more active than he had been earlier and DH was afraid that he had suffered some trauma in there.  Anyway, everything's fine.  Nothing ever came of the fall. 
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