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Hello and questions


I may be on this board soon. Here is some background. My husband got Dx with testicular cancer last year and had surgery to remove that testicle. He also had radiation and is now on hormone replacement therapy. Before he had the radiation he went to a sperm bank and they froze 3 vials of sperm. At that point, his count was 18 mil.

He is going in this Saturday to get a SA done to see what the radiation and HRT did to his count. I was wondering what type of questions he should ask the RE if the results are not good. As far as we know I am healthy. Thanks ladies.

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Re: Hello and questions

  • I suppose it all depends on how his count is now. If they are still pretty good you might be able to try au natural or with some assistance with IUI. If you have to rely on the frozen swimmers you might have to go straight to IVF. I'm sure the doctor will go over all of your options though if he's any good (or she :-) ).

    Good luck!!

  • Hello-  I don't know much about sperm, but I did want to say how wonderful it is to read that he is kicking cancer's @ss!  Good Job!  And GL!
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