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***2IF weekly check-in***


I am not in any way an early riser, so I am going to try posting this on Thursday evenings since I am on Pacific time it will be ready for everyone in the morning.  I am new to this, so please let me know if I have missed anything.  If you mentioned anything about IVF in the last update, I added you to the IVF/FET check, but I?m not very knowledgeable about it so please let me know if I?m doing that part wrong. (Who is pregnant I think I have figured out )


Katezta ? transfer 1/17 

Iluvadam- started stims 1/25

Maple_9 ? retrieval 1/26?




LisaK2B EDD 1/6

eyerlande EDD 1/17 

Hawaiibidegrm EDD 02/12/10 Team Green!!


To our pg SIFers - please let me know you EDD so I can add it to the list! 


To all the Ladies cycling or in the 2ww - Keep strong!  We are all rooting for your BFP's!

Welcome to the new faces!  It's great to have you here even if it has to be because if IF.  Our's is a special kind of journey that we share on this board.  Newcomers are always welcome! 

As always, everyone is welcome to post their updates here.  If you want to be added or removed please let me know.





















































Congratulations to our recent BFP's!!


ougrad1 ? It?s Twins!










SLM05  It's Triplets! 


hibiscus2007   It's Triplets!


SweetyP EDD 05/01 /10

Onemorelittleone EDD 05/22/10

Jillrock96    It's Twins! 

lkf041 EDD 05/17/10  Team GREEN!!

Sunshine 173 EDD 05/19/10


DSU98  4/5/10  It?s a GIRL!



IdhrrRN2005  It's a BOY!!


CHI-06 EDD 3/14/10


mrsnemitz  EDD 3/2/2010 



slsbride Team GREEN!



Home_slice EDD 12/25 Christmas baby!!  It's a GIRL! 

SIF Nursery  - Welcome to the world little Miracles!!

 Ladavis - baby Girl

Calips ? baby Boy

Bestthingscome - baby Girl 

Tonya_G - baby Girl, Lily 

Firsttogo - Baby Boy, Lincoln 

Jacksonville - Baby Boy

Adelepenguin - Baby Girl, Kathryn

Shawmich - Baby Boy, Grant

Mr&MrsS  - Baby Boy,  Nolan

Francisca - Baby Boy, Callum and Baby Girl Rachel

QOTD: Did you make any New Year's Resolutions, and if so how are you doing?

Married 9-4-04

***PM me for my IF history***

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Re: ***2IF weekly check-in***

  • Update:  I'm on CD17 and haven't had a +opk yet.  I think the HSG/antibiotics have really screwed up this cycle so I am not crossing my fingers for this cycle.

    QOTD: For the past few years I said I resolved to send birthday cards in the mail to my fam and friends.  Most years I only make it to July.  I haven't even sent one yet so I've already missed 4 birthdays.  I think I need to let this dream die. :)

    Married 9-4-04

    ***PM me for my IF history***

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  • Update: Transfered 2 grade A embryos today. Now the dreaded 2WW. Ended up with two to freeze


    QOTD: I didn't make any this year. lol 

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  • I'm on CD 1, 975,473 or something close to that and no AF even though I'm post Provera 5 days. I have weird CM and just pray I get my period in the next 4 days so I can med this cycle as its my last unless DH gets the full time job he's interviewing for (they have IF bennies).

    QOTW: GET HEALTHY! I'm re-joining WW as soon as we move in up north!
  • Hello everyone!  Could I please be added to the list?  We've been ttc #2 since late 2008 and have been working with our RE (again) since 9/09.  DD was conceived via IUI and we're currently on our 4th IUI (several issues including MFI, blocked R tube, tumor in L ovary).

    QOTW:  My NY resolution was to learn how to take better pics (esp of DD).  So far it's been slow, but I'm making progress!  Special thanks to all of the wonderful ladies on the photography board.

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  • Wow, thanks for remembering me:) I keep missing this check-in so I'm glad I stumbled-upon it today:)

    Doing well, trying to keep this babe in a bit longer... mentally, I just need a bit more time to get stuff ready (house cleaned, etc). I'm due 2/8 but my doc goes out of town on 2/6 so I will prob have my membranes stripped on 2/1 (my next OB appt)... not thrilled about it. Just excited to meet this mystery girl/boy;)

    Best of luck to all in the 2ww/going through IF... I know how frustrating it can be. Keep your chins up! Your day will come;)

    QOTW: None made by me.Embarrassed

  • Update:  I had my SHG on Tues and it came back normal...thank goodness.  However, I did have a couple follies/cysts that I should not have since I am on BCP, so I am having a follow up appt tomorrow to see if they grew or stayed the same.  Hopefully they stayed so we can proceed with IVF.

    QOTD:  I had a few resolutions and so far I have only done one, which is to keep the house cleaner.  I still need to start my DS scrapbook and to stick to a work out schedule.

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    TTC #2 since Nov '07
    Tried 4 cycles of Clomid, TI, Gonal-f, and IUI's - all BFFN's
    Both tubes removed Nov '09
    Low AMH = 0.3
    IVF #1 for Feb '10 - cancelled due to poor response - Gonal-f and Repronex
    IVF #1.2 for June '10 - Gonal-f, Menopur, and micro Lupron
    ER - 6/19 (2 retrieved), ET - 6/22 (1 transferred with ICSI), Beta 7/5 = BFFN
    IVF #2 for Nov '10 was cancelled due to poor response - Follistim, Repronex, and micro Lupron
    IVF #2.2 for Feb '11 - Gonal-f, Repronex, and Ganirelix
    ER - 2/24 (8 retrieved), ET - 3/1 (2 transferred with ICSI), froze 3, Beta 3/11 = BFFN
    FET - 4/19 (3 transferred), Beta 4/28 = BFP, EDD 1/4/12
  • I am in the 2ww....5 or 6 dpo and it sucks! i have flu like symptoms and a cold which was my same symptom when I was PG with Stephanie. Sadly this is my only hope. I am pathetic.  I have no clue when I will test but I probably will do it early. Meh.

    QOTD:  I make the same resolutions every year and I never follow through....lose weight, save money, be a better person. Yeah I am not doing well with any of that. 

    Gabrielle & Ed - Married 10.22.05
    Mommy to Stephanie Lena - 2.13.07 and Evan Ralph - 9.23.10
    Angel Baby (m/c at 9 weeks) - 1.2.09

    Christmas Card Picture - 2011
    (aka: the only picture I could get of them together that was not blurry and had them both sitting still!)

    Click here for My Bio

    The Stephanie Song...click here to listen!

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  • I'm on CD 4.  Taking clomid CD 3-7 and menopur injections on CD 5, 7, and 9.  My next u/s is on CD 10.  So, I guess that gives me a full week to grow some nice follies.  I'll probably trigger next Thursday and have the IUI on Saturday. 

    I'm nervous as heck this cycle.  I don't know how to feel about my new protocol.

    QOTW - lose 6 pounds.  Failing miserably.  I ate a cinnamon roll yesterday.  It just smelled so good...

    imageimageimageimage m/c at 8w4d - 10/2/09 baby girl Ruth Elise
  • I am still chugging along and gettting more and more excited every day to hold and snuggle a baby again.

    I did not make any new years eve resolutions.  I guess time has gone by so fast this year that I did not even think about it.

    Alyssa born 6/14/05 at 8 lbs 2oz - Ashley born 3/27/10 at 6 lbs 13oz
    We had 2 years of IF trying to conceive #2 and one loss during that time. We are currently trying for #3! had another loss the end of June
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  • Update: Less than 2 weeks from surgery to remove the polyp.  Getting more and more excited and nervous as it gets closer. Excited because it may mean us getting pregnant soon and nervous because what if something goes wrong.

    QOTW: Yup, my resolution was to avoid unnecessary drama and cut poisonous people out of my life.  I've stuck to it and life has been wonderful!

  • Hi Can you add me?

    I am stimming now for my first IVF.  Tentative retrieval next wed or thurs.

    QOTW: none, I never keep them so I figureed why bother making them.


  • update:  Well i have been MIA for sometime now just trying to deal with all of the insurance issues. First off congrats to all of the BFP's that i have missed and for those that have had their little ones.  I just got new insurance a month ago that covers fertility. Yeah. I have an appointment with my OB on Feb. 5th and then its off to the RE from there so i can get the ball rolling again. I will hopefully start getting ready for my first IVF, we have done all our testing last year and we know this is the next step two years of trying and nothing.


    I didnt make a new years res. this year.

  • I had a chemical pregnancy about 10 days ago, and since it was so early,  was hoping to continue on with meds at the end of this current cycle (in other words, no Femara last week), but I found out yesterday afternoon that my nice big follie doesn't have a viable egg in it.  I'm so confused as to why that's the case, but if we have no chance, we have no chance.  So I'm out until next cycle. :(  I'm not sure if I'll even O or get AF on my own -- I'll see if I O in the next few days, I suppose.

    My New Years resolution is to declutter.  If anyone wants some cloth diapers or baby/toddler girls' clothes, please let me know!  I'm also wanting to exercise consistently, and I did really well the first couple weeks, but then my c/p took me out for a week and last week I had a mole removed so I couldn't do anything this week.  I'm bummed about that since I was off to a great start!

    Pregnant with #1 with PCOS and LPD, success with mostly naturopathic treatments
    Our Thanksgiving Day baby 11/22/07


    Pregnant with #2 with LPD, uterine polyp/hysteroscopy, DOR (AMH = 0.17), 2 c/ps
    Our early Christmas present 12/9/10
  • Update: I had my HCG bloodraws on Tues and Thurs and am now trying to patiently wait for the results. I live in a very rural area and they have to be sent away to be processed so I won't have the results until Monday, hopefully. Fingers crossed this baby is growing. EDD is 10/2/10.

     QOTD: It was to get in better shape. Since I won't be trying to lose weight now it is just to stay healthy and active during this pregnancy.


  • Update - chugging along nicely :)  I have my NT scan in 2 weeks and then it's adios 1st tri! 

    QOTD - Honestly, I don't bother making them anymore.  I never stick to them anyway.  


  • Update: We just got back from the Dr with great news!! We are moving onto IUI and we are just in time for this month so we don't have to wait! He will do up to 3 IUIs and if we aren't pregnant at that point we are done....but I am not thinking about that just yet.

    So some time with in the next 7 - 10 days we will go for our 1st IUI!!! I am really excited!!

    DD born 8/24/07
    TTC #2 since 4/09
    Unexplained Secondary IF
    4 failed rounds of clomid ~ 4 failed IUIs ~ 1 m/c
    2/3/11: IUI #5 - Femara/Follistim/Ovidrel/Crinone = BFP (2/14)!!!
    Beta #1 (12dpiui): 53 Beta #2 (14dpiui): 203 Beta #3 (20dpiui): 3932 Beta #4 (28dpiui): 60,775
    1st U/S (3/3): 2 sacs & yolks 2nd U/S (3/8) 2 heartbeats-TWINS!
    Baby A:6w6d HR 131 Baby B:6w4d HR 124
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    TWINS!! EDD 10/25/2011
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  • I'm 7dpo and dying to test! I'm hoping for a BFP for my birthday next Saturday.

     QOTD: I made a decade-long resolution...so far it's going okay, but there's always room for improvement.

    Good luck SIF'ers!

  • Update: I've been a little MIA lately, after my third failed IUI I've been bitter and pi$$ed. But I'm getting over it and trying to figure out how to pay for IVF.

    QOTD: Just to get myself to a healthier place, eating wise, figure out what the F is going on with my thyroid, got myself back into accupuncture, etc.

  • Update:  This has been my last week on crutches.

    QOTW:  I went back to school.  Not for any real purpose right now... just to learn. 

    Mom to Harmon 1/17/08 and twins Rachel & Callum 8/28/09 Photobucket 29o0v13.jpg
  • Can I be added?

    Update: Starting cycle two of follistim after 1 week of BCP's due to cysts and preparing for 2nd IUI. Back to the RE tomorrow.

    QOTD: No New Years' resolutions this year...

    Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers DX-unexplained infertility January 2010 IUI #1-BFN February 2010 IUI #2-BFP! (Cycle 21) *Beta #1 2/23 126 (14DPIUI)*Beta #2 2/25 311 (16DPIUI)* *Beta #3 3/4 6,313 (23DPIUI)* Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • Update:  Still stimming.  Retrieval scheduled for 2/4.

    QOTD:  No resolutions

    Thanks for doing this Queenbone!

    Dx with severe endometriosis. DS#1 conceived with Met and TI. TTC#2 for 2.5 yrs. Dx 2nd IF. 4 clomid cycles, 2 IUIs, Finally IVF#1 w/ICSI worked for us! twins born 35w3d. Unexpected total hysterectomy 6/11. Now on the HRT train.

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