Roller coaster

I've spent some time talking to our potential match online and just when we start to get personal and intimate in our conversation, she logs off. It happened twice and she logged back on, apologized, said that the chat site was acting funny for her and then we picked right back up where we left off. It happened again about an hour ago and although she briefly logged back on, she is gone now and we didn't have a chance to chat.

I'm praying that the site really is being dumb...that would make me feel so much better right now. My stomach and nerves feel like I've spend the day on a roller coaster. How do you gals deal with the ups and downs and all of the unpredictable factors that get in the way? I know that I should distract myself with a warm bath or a book, but I worry that the moment I peel myself away from the screen, she will return. Ah! 

Re: Roller coaster

  • That site is going nuts with chat. I logged on a bit ago and didn't see you on there. I went ahead and got back to you on FB though!! Crossing my fingers for you!
  • ::Hugs:: 

    Not sure what site you are talking about, but I am sure everything is just fine! 

    I am hopeful for you :)

    Not sure what direction we are headed. Either way, I am up for the ride.
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