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Caring For Woman OBGYN References?

Hi Ladies!

I originally found my doctor on here from many recommedations that some of you gave me.  I am saddened to find out that my OB, Dr Shannon is away on medical leave and won't be back before my delivery.  Can anyone tell me any information on the other doctors--Dr. Scholten, Dr. Bartell, or Dr. Doan???

 Any advice is GREATLY APPRECIATED...I'm starting to freak out..just a little bit ;)

Valerie Scholten   Misti Bartell   Bao-Thuy Thi Doan

Re: Caring For Woman OBGYN References?

  • Dr Scholten is my Dr I just met her Tuesday, she seems nice and I like her so far. She delivered my friend's babies, and my friend recommended her to me. She did tell me that because your Dr is disabled that she'll be moving to 55th st and Bell in or around march, but that we'll know about it and get a letter in the mail.
  • My doctor is Valerie Scholten, I haven't met her yet, my apointment is on Feb 9th for my 12 weeks!! I did have Dr. Bartell as my doc and she is actually leaving the practive at the end of Feb, so that's why I switched. So just something to think about when picking one!
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  • Dr. Shannon has been my doctor FOREVER.  She delivered my daughter 10 years ago and we were looking forward to her delivering this baby too.  Unfortunately, she will be gone for a VERY long time.  I have switched to Dr. Scholten.  She has been in the practice with Dr. Shannon since 1997.  They have a lot in common and are really "on the same page" with their medical opinions.  I would never have switched away from Dr. Shannon if I didn't have to, but at least with Dr. Scholten I know that I am being cared for by someone who my doctor trusts.  If you can get in with Dr. Scholten, I would highly suggest that you do so.  She is not able to take on all of Dr. Shannon's patients so hurry!!

    ETA: The Caring For Women practice is breaking up.  (Was planned before Dr. Shannon became ill.)  Dr. Shannon and Dr. Scholten were going to stay together but since Dr. Shannon is going to be out for so long, Dr. Scholten cannot continue to occupy a 10,000 sq. ft. office building alone so that is the reason she will be moving to a different location.

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