Hi!  I will be honest and say that I have not lurked very much, but wanted to come hang out and see what you all are about! 

My husband and I are starting the adoption process.  And by starting I mean research.  lol.  We have a few meetings set up with a few different agencies.  Any suggestions  or things you wished you would have though of when you were at our stage? 

Im adopted, we have always wanted to adopt, but the plan was after we started a family, however after almost five years, we are going with adoption first.  Its so close to me that I feel almost at ease with this than any of the treatments that we have gone through.  

Oh, and please.  Tell me to get over the sticker shock.  Please. 

Not sure what direction we are headed. Either way, I am up for the ride.

Re: um...Hi

  • Hey! Welcome!  I'm sorry you haven't been successful with your long road of TTC, but am glad you are embarking on this new exciting journey!


    This is a great board filled with amazing women!

    The sticker shock... yes it ain't cheap! But look around, lots of variation in fees.

    Where in WI are you?  DH and I are thinking of moving there in 2011 (you can PM me if you want).

    Married on 3.20.2004. It took 30 month, 2 failed adoptions and IVF for our first miracle. We have had 9 foster kids since he was born and started the domestic adoption process when he was 10 month old, we had 4 failed matches in that time. After our daughter was born we brought her home and spent 2 weeks fearing we might lose her because of complications that came up. But Praise God all went through and she is ours forever! Expecting again after IVF Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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  • Welcome. I hope you have a nice, short, easy road to adoption.
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  • Thanks ladies!

    Not sure what direction we are headed. Either way, I am up for the ride.
  • imagecandm:
    Welcome. I hope you have a nice, short, easy road to adoption.

    Ditto candm to the T.

    Honestly, the one thing I can't stress enough is to research any agency you are considering to make sure they are not only productive and responsive, but that they abide by ethical standards.  I think The Complete Idiot's Guide to Adoption gave me a fantastic start at compiling a really long list of questions that I asked of any agency we considered.  Once I narrowed it down further, I researched them on the Yahoo boards to make sure that their answers jived with public opinion.

    Best of luck to you and your husband for a quick and smooth process!

  • Welcome!  Good luck in all your research... if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.  The ladies here are really friendly and helpful.
  • Hello and Welcome!  I love it here-its really the only board I go to now.   Good luck on your adoption journey  :-)
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  • Hi - I'm in Wisconsin too - Madison area.  We adopted our DD just over 1 year ago through a local domestic adoption agency, and are currently waiting to get back into their outreach program.  Feel free to send a PM and I can give you more info on our agency if you're interested.
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  • Welcome!!! We started our journey back in Sept 2008 and i'm still not over sticker shock ; )
  • welcome and wishing you a smooth adoption journey!....

     may i ask you to share your adoption story as an adopted daughter? if not, that's ok, too...


    After 7 years of marriage and 5 unsuccessful IVFs, we have been granted the gift of adopting a baby boy, born 4/21/11.
  • Hi,

    I'm also from Madison.  We just adopted (domestic) our baby boy last year.  PM me if you'd like any local info.  We did a lot of researching before picking our agency.

  • Welcome! We, too, are in the Madison area (popular tonight!).

    We're in the program with our agency waiting to be matched. My advice is don't ask for time frames (they haven't been accurate yet) but do ask for references from people you know. It helps a lot!

  • I just wanted to say that the price thing is hard. At first we were having sticker shock, too. Now that we have finalized and are done with H's adoption, I can say that we don't even think about it. I can't imagine anything better to spend our hard-earned money on. We would do it all over even if we had had to pay twice the amount for him. It just seems unimportant once its over and paid off. We will see how I feel in a few months after paying for two adoptions in 13 months, but honestly when we started one of the big reasons we said we would only adopt once was the cost - and here we go again! 

    I'd also add that our adoptions on the high side.  

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