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DS loves Ellie

Have you all seen the Pixar movie "UP?" We watch about 30 minutes of it at night after I read him a book.  There's a part where young Ellie takes her hat off and her hair is all huge...every time he sees it he smiles and giggles.  Cracks me up every time!

Re: DS loves Ellie

  • They watch baby einstines and Jordan does that too. Usually when there are other babies on the tv he just cracks up. Some toys do it too, but it is just adorable. Jayden doesn't sit still long enough to watch them though.
  • Liam's not a big TV watcher... but he definitely loves to watch the Pixar kids when they are on.  I haven't put the BE dvds in since he was smaller and uninterested...  I wonder how he would like them now.
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