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Random: I just googled "sweet potato allergy in infants"

This is a blog that I found very helpful, with a lengthy discussion about sweet potato allergies.


You don't really have to click on it if you don't want to, but I thought I would give a little update and just say that I was surprised to find out that apparently it is a real thing. 

I've never heard of a sweet potato allergy and thought it was weird... actually if I'm being honest, I thought it was all in my head and that it was pretty much impossible for her to have a sweet potato allergy, but I'm having a hard time building my case since she has reacted to them 5 times now.  The first few times she just broke out in a rash, but this last time she broke out in a rash and threw up 3 times within a couple hours of eating them.  Once it was all out of her system, she was fine and has no other symptoms of illness, so I don't think it's a stomach virus (and no one else here is sick... knock on wood). 

Anyway, there is a discussion that takes place in the comments portion of this blog and lots of posters shared their experience with this.  Their children pretty much have the same or very similar reactions as Charlotte... rash, vomiting and fussiness within a couple hours after eating sweet potatoes.  Two of the posters were adults who have similar reactions and never outgrew the allergy.  All of these posters have said that their doctors brushed it off and didn't want to believe this could be a possibility, and there are only 3 documented cases of real sweet potato allergies worldwide.  Kind of disheartening... not that I want her to be plagued with any sort of food allergies, but a little support from the doctor you are partnerered with is nice to have, and I feel like awareness is key to bringing anything under control.  I'm sure those with sweet potato allergies live very normal lives and aren't missing out on too much... I'm just hoping this is not an indicator of what's to come.  So far she hasn't had a reaction to my BM and I've had plenty of milk and peanut butter in the past 8 months, so that is good.

Anyway... whether she does or doesn't have a "true" sweet potato allergy, she most definitely has a strong reaction to them, so I'm assuming a sweet potato allergy just to be on the safe side... and to avoid cleaning up puke all night.

Ava Caroline 8.27.07 I Charlotte Grace 5.18.09 I Lila Katherine 1.20.11


Re: Random: I just googled "sweet potato allergy in infants"

  • Luckily it's a rare allergy and not something else rare.  Hopefully it at least gives you  little piece of mind to know that something related to the sweet potatoes is really going on with her.

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  • imageKle2922:

    Luckily it's a rare allergy and not something else rare.

    Most definitely!  I am so blessed and thankful to have healthy kids.  I'll take a weird allergy over some of the stuff others have been dealt anyday.

    Ava Caroline 8.27.07 I Charlotte Grace 5.18.09 I Lila Katherine 1.20.11

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  • My daugher's allergist will tell you that you can be allergic to anything.

    I belong to kidswithfoodallergies.org and I know I have seen moms on there talking about their kids having allergies to sweet potatoes. I bet the information just isn't collected to list it as one of the top 7. Besdies, I don't think traces of sweet potatoes are in many things so it isn't an allergy that is talked about too much.

    Another odd allergy I have seen is a corn allergy.

  • I ment to reply to you earlier but Ben was being a bugger :) It definitely sounds like an allergy to me. Most of the time those types of allergies are outgrown. My son had an odd reaction to mushrooms for the longest time. I waited 4 months or so before I gave it to him again and he did have a reaction but it was half of what it was in the first place. we then tried it monthly and now he can have it no problem :)
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  • My daughter Giulianna had sweet potatoes when we started her on foods. She was ok the first time then the second time wet tried them my hubby was out of town for work and she started to throw up with in hours of having them. She was 7 months old. First time she has thrown up I was a mess. Then later that night I was so nervous to bf her. Then tonight I made a boat load of food to freeze for her and gave her sweet potatoes for dinner (she is 10 months now) and within hours she threw up twice. So I totally believe she has a mild allergy. No rash or anything just throwing up. Poor baby girl. But I'm sold on her being allergic.
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