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Recommend a non-UPMC OB/GYN

I know there was just a post below about this, and while I remain jealous that there are so many good doctors apparantly at Magee...and a midwife group which I am really jealous of...unfortunately my insurance is Aetna....which leaves me with West Penn or St. Clair.  St. Clair is alot closer and I hear all good stuff about it while the opinions on West Penn are mixed.  My first pregnancy was a waterbirth with a midwife in a hospital in NJ (which apparantly is not allowed in Pittsburgh), no complications, so I am not very worried about having a level whatever NICU...so I think St. Clair is good.  Can anyone recommend an OB/GYN that practices at St. Clair....preferrably someone who supports natural childbirth and won't make my birth experience a medical procedure?  I am 9 weeks so I am feeling pressed to choose a doc asap.

 Any recommendations for a good doula would also be appreciated as I feel compelled to get one in this situation.  I am truely shocked how rare it is to find a midwife that practices at a hospital in this area.  :(

Re: Recommend a non-UPMC OB/GYN

  • I can't say anything about St. Clair; however, I did want to let you know that West Penn has beautiful delivery suites and a few of them do have really nice big tubs. But, I had an epidural in such so I am not the one who can say too much about the non-medical options. I can tell you that my experience there was FABULOUS. The nurses were wonderful and I LOVE my doctors. I go to Pittsburgh Gynob. They have  few locations but they deliver at West Penn. I just wanted to let you know that if you end up having to go to West Penn not to worry because I really enjoyed my experience there.  
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  • I don't have a doctor reccommendation, but know someone who may so  I'll point her in the direction of this thread! Hopefully she can help you. She's actually also a doula, and she's a pretty fabulous one in my opinion since she got me through 18 hours of solid back labor :) and she'll be with me when my twins are born this summer as well. Her screenname is doula_amy and I can give you her website if she doesn't post here soon. She works with her sister and they are both fantastic!
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  • I am going through St. Clair my sister had both of her babies there and they treated her great. My cousin in law is also a nurse there so I feel safe at that hospital as well. I am using Dr. McKay they are located in the actual hospital right next to the ultrasound room. There are a few different doctors in the practice but the two that I have seen have been great. Also the birthing suites are beautiful and big at St. Clair. I hope this was helpful. Please let me know if you need any other information.
  • Congratulations!

     If you are not too far away to consider Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville there is a wonderful midwifery practice that delivers there.  It's Family Nurse Midwives.  Gretchen Cohen and Sandy Mauro.  It is part of the West Penn/Allegheny Health System.  They are terrific and I've heard good things about Forbes.  They are who I went to when I was pregnant with my daughter and Gretchen caught her.

     I am assuming that you know about The Midwife Center and that your insurance doesn't cover them.  If you don't they are an out of hospital birth center in the Strip.  They do transfer to UPMC Mercy so if you had to transfer to the hospital for some reason you wouldn't be covered but if you are low risk and your insurance covers it I would definitely check them out.  They are who I went to for my second.

     I am honestly not that familiar with St. Clair or the docs out there.  I've only been there once and it was a nice experience.

     I met Dr. Sober at West Penn and thought she was very nice and seemed to be supportive for the most part of natural birth/use of doulas.

     I will see if I can get some other names for you from West Penn/St. Clair.

     I also don't know for sure but I don't think Washington Hosptial is connected to UPMC so that may be another avenue to check out.

     Good Luck and I'll post if I get some other info for you.


  • Congrats!!!!  I actually go to the group with Dr. Sober, Wecht, Bergman and so on and I really love them.  I delivered my son at West Penn and had a wonderful experience.  They did have a huge tub in the room that could be used and also said that they have birthing balls and rocking chairs.  I didn't use them though, I got my epidural 20 min after getting there.  I haven't asked them about their views on natural child birth but they seemed pretty open to everything else I asked about.  Dr Sober was great, she gave me every opportunity to avoid a c-section while keeping both of us safe.  And luckily I didn't have to have a c-section.  I think the name of their group is Pittsburgh Gynob.  Good luck!!!
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  • I had a wonderful experience at St. Clair.  I just delivered in November and I have nothing but great things to say about the staff and hospital.  The birthing rooms are very nice and you are able to stay in them during your entire stay. ( As long as it not to crowded but the day I delivered their were 9 babies born and they said that was the most they had had in awhile and I was able to stay in the same room.) It is a very large room with large bathroom and mine had 4 chairs for guests.  I used Dr. Bulsecos practice and Dr. McKay delivered my baby.  He was wonderful and plan to use him as my regular OBGYN.

    Several of my friends have delivered at both West Penn and Magee. I have heard very good things about W. Penn, but I switched from my plan to deliver at Magee after hearing bad things from 3 of my friends that delivered there in August.  And St. Clair is 2 minutes from my house which made it very nice, no tunnels or sports traffic to worry about.

    Hope this helps.  

  • I can also highly recommend West Penn Hospital. I see Century Medical Associates: Bonadie, Rowland, Udrea, Noticewalla. Dr. Rowland is my doc.

    I delivered DS at WPH, and it was a fantastic experience. 

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