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I hate when people dont use the registery

I went to a baby shower tonight. I went early to get her gift, only 3 things were taken on the registery. So I got her a Boppy pillow. I had it taken off the registery. She still got another one, and she opened that one first. So at the end, she had all her gifts in a pile and mine seperated..guessing to return. Errr. So frusterating!

Re: I hate when people dont use the registery

  • I second that! I went to a shower today also and I was one of the only people to buy my cousin items from her list. I went shopping last night and nearly everything was still available. She received a TON of clothes.

    I always stick with the registry - I figure, this is what people pick out, so that is what I will get them! (for close friends and family I will pick out a couple additional items)
  • My mom finds it very difficult to buy things she doesn't personally like. It drives me crazy! We'll go shopping for a wedding and she'll look at the registry and say, "I'm not getting the dishes. I don't like them." The point is to buy them something THEY will like and THEY have picked out. UGH.
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  • A friend of mine had a baby shower and she was a single mother who really needed things and ended up a lot more outfits than her son ever got the chance to wear and very little else.
  • You mean people don't like the "unique" presents I get them, like lawn flamingos and artwork in questionable taste????
  • That is really stinky. My SM decided she knew better then me and got me this high chair I totally did not pick out. Then when she got there and saw someone got me the one I wanted got all weird and was talking trash about the one I got. Tonight at dinner she was doing it again. Sigh.
  • Ugh, that sucks... I'm sorry.  Sounds like people bought stuff that was on the registry but didn't tell the cashier that when they were checking out.  I hate when people do that.
  • I agree. I worked for hours and hours on my stupid registry and not one shower guest bought me anything from the dumb thing. Of course, I appreciated the gifts I received but if they'd looked at my registry, they would have known to buy me a truckload worth of J&J products or a million packs of disposable diapers. Gah!
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