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Ladies with thyroid disease

I am so nervous about having a m/c.  I keep reading that thyroid disease can increase your chances of m/c.  Thoughts/sympathies would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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Re: Ladies with thyroid disease

  • My Mom has had thyroid disease since age 15. She had three healthy kids. Express your concerns to the doc and make sure he monitors you closely.
  • Not sure what you mean by thyroid disease but I have had hypothyroidism and have been taking meds since I was 6 yrs old. As long as your dr is aware an monitors you closely then I would think that you should be okay. I haven't heard it leading to m/c but I could be wrong. I am at 34 weeks with a 6 lb 8 oz baby who will be at least 8 Lb come Sept.   My dr hasn't ever mentioned m/c to me, not even in early pregnancy. HTH.

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  • I contacted my endocrinologist, so I am sure he will monitor me very closely.  I also have hypothryoidism.  I think what I was reading was saying that if it goes untreated it can increase chances of m/c.  I am taking meds, but I am just worried about my numbers.  I guess I will find out soon - getting blood drawn on Monday.
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  • I have hypothryroid and am medicated. Very healthy pregnancy to date =)

    The important things are to - keep taking your meds, get your levels checked at the very least every trimester, and pay attention to your body. If you know your symptoms when your levels are off, call & get a blood draw and stay within the "normal range" and you should be fine.

  • Unfortunately a lot of the books on hypothyroidism really push the m/c possibility. When I first got diagnosed I bought a few books & returned all of them after reading the chapters on fertility - they almost make you feel like there's no way to have a healthy pregnancy & be hypothyroid at the same time.
  • I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid right before DH and I were to start TTC, doc told me to put our plans on hold until my TSH was in an acceptable range because low/uncontrolled thyroid levels can lead to infertility or increased risk of m/c. Got pg 4 months after TSH stabilized. Both my primary Dr and OB told me it's normal for them to check your levels (TSH and Free T4) once/trimester. My dosage of Synthroid never had to be increased while I was pregnant and I delivered a perfect little girl!

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  • Untreated/unmanaged thyroid disease can increase your chances of m/c.

    If you're on meds, under the care of a doc, and your levels are stable and monitored so that you can adjust your dosage as needed, you really don't have much to worry about.  I had thyroid disease with my second pregnancy and just saw my endocrinologist every trimester for an exam and bloodwork.  No problems.  Good luck!

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