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Cervical issues ladies...

If you had/have high-risk cervical issues and had to have frequent ultrasounds/cervical measurements during your second trimester: When did you (or do you expect to) find out the gender? I know most women find out at the 5 month ultrasound, but I have to have ultrasounds every other week starting at 13w, so I'm wondering if at least I'll be able to find out the gender earlier. It would be kind of nice to have a silver lining to this....

Re: Cervical issues ladies...

  • I'm not high-risk, but I know some people find out the sex early.  Perhaps at your 15- or 17-week u/s you'll be able to find out, but the tech may not be 100% sure.  FWIW, I found out with absolute certainty at 18 weeks.
  • I've read that you can find out as early as 15 weeks but it's not 100%. I found out with my oldest at 17 weeks, my middle at 20 and my youngest last week at 20 weeks as well. You're going to have a ton of ultrasound pics! Make an album out of them. =)
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