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When did you and your DH...

...start talking about baby names?

DH and I won't talk about them until I'm pregnant. I, however,  have a mental list going. ;)

Re: When did you and your DH...

  • We had a boys name picked before we even started TTC.

    Our girls name took a while to decide on though.

  • our first date, somewhere around 7 hours in. We've been talking about them ever since too. I like to think about/talk about names anyway so it's just natural for us to talk about them.

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  • yeah we talked about it one time while TTC. Actually, we've only talked about it a few times since. We really need to sit down and talk about it. We were really waiting til we know the sex, if the baby will cooperate this time!

    But for a girl our first pick Abigail Jane P. (Jane goes back many decades in DHs family)
  • We started to talk about them once I found out that I was pregnant. Although, I already knew the names before we even THOUGHT about actually getting pregnant! :D
  • We didn't talk about names until after I was several weeks pregnant.  We didn't even seriously talk about them until we found out the sex.
  • I talked about it before we got pg...even before we started TTC.  I would suggest names and ask him what he thought.  He would never really engage in a conversation though.
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  • We've talked about them a little bit and started talking about it a little bit after we were married.  We have a boy's name picked out b/c he wants to name our first boy after his g=pa, but no girl's names.
  • This week, when we found out it was a boy. Though he still won't seriously talk about them, but I think he's thinking. He comes up with crazy names like Isaac Newton __ and.. something else weird.

  • We started talking about it before we started TTC.  However, it was usually me saying "Do you like...?" and him saying "No, it reminds me of..."!  So, we haven't gotten very far, but we still have time to decide.
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  • When ttc.  By the time i got ku we already had our boy and girl names picked out.
  • We ended up choosing a boy and a girl name before we started TTC -- friends of ours had just had a baby. But, we need backups ... lol.
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