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I cant make up my mind....

Everyone keeps asking what our name we have picked out. I originally wanted to keep the name we pick secret. Im 80% sure its a girl, well the tech said it looked girlish, but couldnt say for sure, but I just have a gut feeling, anyways hopefully we will find out on the 3rd. DH doesnt think its a big deal if we tell everyone or not. Im torn...

Did you announce the name before baby or if pg will you?

Re: I cant make up my mind....

  • I will but they will have to deal with it one way or another. I can also see my mom cross stitching something with the name. She made us a huge picture, cross stitch thing as a wedding present.
  • We told people. I don't see the point of keeping it a secret.
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  • As of right now, we're planning on having the gender be a surprise, so we MIGHT tell our top boy and girl name choices to our family.  However, if we found out the gender, we'd either keep the gender or the names a secret.  I want SOMETHING to be a surprise for everyone.
  • I think I will tell people. I'll probably be too excited not to, and I'm terrible with secrets when asked a direct question. I can't lie! And my family wouldn't appreciate it if I told them "sorry we are not telling you". LOL.


  • With DD, we didnt find out the sex ahead of time. We shared our name choices though. We did find out with DS that he was a boy at the u/s. We told people the name we picked. Unless you think that you will doubt your name choice if you hear comments on it before the baby is born, then I dont see a reason to keep it a secret....unless you actually WANT it to be a surprise for everyone!
  • I won't.  Just because people always have their opinion, but if you tell them once you've named the baby then they are a lot less likely to tell other people.  Although I probably will tell on here just because no one IRL would know my s/n.
  • I wouldn't tell an effing soul!
  • Scuba- only thing is you always get those pp who are like, Oh I dont like that name....I know at the end of the day its our choice, but do take certain pps opinions into my mom.
  • My thoughts are this: If I told people the name, and we knew the gender, we might get some personalized items for the baby as gifts... Then, what if we decided that we wanted to change the name when the kid was born?  We'd either have to keep it the same so that the kid could use all the personalized items, or we would change the name and have a bunch of things we couldn't use...  That's why I want something to be kept secret.
  • Daydream, are you allowed to tell us?   
  • Of course....

    We are thinking Abigail Jane (Jane goes back in DHs family many generations)

    Or  second Gabrielle  MN not sure yet,

  • I like both of those choices, but I really like Abigail.  :)
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