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tragedy at the olympics

I just heard about it on the news. The man that was killed was very well known in MN. He was the CEO of a flower and gardening chain here. I'm so sad for his daughters and family. I hope his wife is able to pull through.

Re: tragedy at the olympics

  • I just heard that he was stabbed. Did they find anything about why, when or where? It is so very sad...
  • Isnt it horrible?
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  • apparently it was completely random, the killer comitted suicide so no answers from him
  • Right now they are saying it was random. They weren't wearing anything that identified them as Americans. His other two daughters are traveling to China now to be with their mom and sister.  His wife is out of surgery and is stable, but in critical condition.

    I guess they've increased security at the stadium were the volleyball team plays just in case.

    Just a horrible thing to happen.
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