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Curious if anyone else is continuing KB training.  I am hoping doing sell will help keep the core strong!  If so, what are you doing.  I started with Lauren Brooks DVD about a year ago and just got her Baby Bells DVD to see what modifications I can do down the road.  Currently 18wks and hopeful I can stick with! 

Re: Kettlebells?

  • I've been doing them, I do CrossFit and there is a modified version for pregancy, CrossFit Moms and they are included in the workouts. 
  • I do them. I haven't modified much, and I'm 27 weeks. I make up the workouts myself, but they are similar in intensity to XFit.
  • I workout with KB with a group and a trainer. I plan do to it until I can't. It's the best workout!
    DS 5/5/10 Due in Feb 2012!
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