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Dropping early?

I'm just over 31 weeks and had an U/S just last week and found out the baby was "facing down". I had always thought this meant the baby's ready and in position for when you go into labor, but the U/S tech said the baby could still move around, is that true?

Isn't it sort of early to be "dropping" It is my first so maybe it's normal. All i know is it's much more uncomfortable because i constantly feel like i have to pee even when i don't.

Re: Dropping early?

  • Thats about the time my daughter started facing down.  I was lucky she stayed facing that way lol.  Just because they are facing down doesnt mean they dropped, its too different things. unless the dr said they dropped too.  the peeing thing cause be just where the baby is laying, but dont count on it going away anytime soon lol.
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